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CIO interview: Kieran Delaney, director of IT, Innserve

By Mark Samuels 18 Jul 2019

After 13 years at the drinks dispensing firm, Delaney moved into the top IT leadership role and has set out about using technology to empower workers across the company Read More

Storage and DevOps: What is required for agile development?

By Eric Ebert 19 Sep 2019

DevOps brings continuous and agile application. Storage has to fit in and make itself just as responsive to development that does away with the inertia of stifling hierarchies Read More

Enterprise backup software provides data protection foundation

By Chris Evans, George Crump 08 Oct 2019

Learn how backup and recovery software has evolved and what features it offers IT enterprises that need to protect cloud and virtual environments and other data sources. Read More

Why multi-tenancy architecture is the new normal

By Adrian Bridgwater 12 Sep 2019

Sumo Logic CEO Ramin Sayar delivered his keynote at the company’s Illuminate 2019 conference to reinforce his assertion that there is ‘a massive intelligence gap’ throughout modern technology ... Read More

All change: How big data could shake up cloud strategies and fuel demand for edge environments

By Caroline Donnelly 08 Oct 2019

As enterprise data volumes continue to grow and grow, for cost and performance reasons, enterprises might find an all-in approach to public cloud may not be the way forward, according to several NetEvents panellists Read More

How to approach test case design

By Gerie Owen 18 Sep 2019

To be a good tester, start at requirements and user expectations, then develop test cases that make certain those needs are met. Walk through the basics of test cases with expert Gerie Owen. Read More

Updated Microsoft Azure certifications emphasize IT roles

By Mike Pfeiffer 26 Mar 2019

Microsoft revamped its public cloud certifications in a move away from holistic skill sets. Review the newly tailored exams you'll need to take to get the Azure seal of approval. Read More

4 essential elements of Agile at scale

By Mary K. Pratt 01 Jul 2019

Dave West, the CEO and product owner at Scrum.org, explains what is meant by the term 'Agile at scale,' how it can be applied in IT and the CIO's role in this new movement. Read More

Streamline CI/CD with the Jenkins Blue Ocean tool

By Kerry Doyle 18 Jul 2019

Organizations that run Jenkins may find that plugins complicate their CI/CD pipeline. Here's how the continuous delivery tool Blue Ocean can help keep things on track. Read More

Cisco’s DevNet Walk-Run-Fly developer play

By Adrian Bridgwater 12 Jun 2019

Cisco is not a cables, hubs, switches and routers (did someone say token ring adapter?) focused networking company, Cisco is a software company focused on developers - right? Well, such is the ... Read More