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Recent trends in cloud computing fuel the need for DevOps methods

By Chris Moyer 21 Sep 2017

New offerings, such as serverless computing and function as a service, improve the cloud experience. But they also spell big changes for IT staff, including a push toward DevOps. Read More

Rounding up a simple definition of microservices

By Fred Churchville 11 Sep 2017

Breaking your monolith out to a distributed architecture is certainly a complex task. But having a solid perspective of what microservices are at a basic level can go a long way in terms of forming ... Read More

Top 10 networking stories of 2017

By Alex Scroxton 21 Dec 2017

A look back at Computer Weekly’s most read networking stories of 2017 Read More

What lies ahead in the storage world

02 Jan 2019

Federica Monsone, founder of A3 Communications, speaks to industry shapers about the likely 2019 trends in data storage Read More

What happened to Java in 2017? Here's a comprehensive list

By Ryan Dowd 30 Jan 2018

Java developers face new technology challenges regularly, but in 2017, the bar was raised. We've rounded up our top 10 Java stories from 2017 in case you missed anything. Read More

Blockchain payroll systems coming to HR tech

By Shaun Sutner 09 Apr 2018

Major HR tech vendors are working on blockchain applications for payroll. Startups are already using blockchain for payments. But viable commercial products are a long way off. Read More

Choose a loosely coupled architecture for DevOps success

By George Lawton 23 Jan 2018

To successfully pivot your organization toward DevOps and cloud, carefully evaluate and fine-tune your architecture first, and then think about tool sets. Read More

How to bring order to IoT's spaghetti junction?

By Jason Shepherd 07 Jun 2017

IoT's spaghetti junction makes it hard for IoT to truly transform our world. Learn why we must bring order to the spaghetti and get on the path to success. Read More

How Palo Alto Networks fends off its cyber adversaries

By Aaron Tan 15 Apr 2019

Palo Alto Networks CIO Naveen Zutshi talks up the company’s approach in keeping threat actors at bay Read More

Being Cyber Essentials certified will help prep for GDPR

By Mekhala Roy 09 Feb 2018

With enforcement of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the offing, organizations are busy preparing for a new era in privacy regulation. But UK companies that are Cyber Essentials ... Read More