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DevOps in the enterprise requires focus on security, visibility

By David Carty 20 Dec 2019

App dev, quality and delivery challenges constantly pop up in DevOps implementations. Hear how overworked IT professionals deal with these challenges, and how tools can help -- or not. Read More

4 factors to consider in a Hadoop distributions comparison

By David Loshin 17 Apr 2019

Examine the key characteristics necessary to evaluate in a Hadoop distribution comparison, focusing on enterprise features, subscription options and deployment models. Read More

What skills do Agile testers need?

By Gerie Owen 17 Jan 2018

The Agile team collaborates closely and makes a lot of changes. What does the ideal Agile tester possess in technical and people skills? Read More

The storage administrator skills you need to keep up today

By John Edwards 24 May 2018

To meet changing enterprise IT needs, storage admins must acquire a new set of skills. If not, they risk being bogged down in an outmoded, outdated career rut. Read More

Use Jenkins for deployment, support and provisioning in ops

By Stephen J. Bigelow 07 May 2018

IT organizations that keep Jenkins on the development side of the house miss out on the orchestrated workflow capabilities it brings to operations tasks. Read More

Four steps for planning for a solid manufacturing IoT strategy

By Emanuel Bertolin 04 Oct 2018

The fourth Industrial Revolution, Manufacturing 4.0, is in full swing. AppDirect's Emanuel Bertolin offers four strategic actions to consider when planning for the new era of smart manufacturing. Read More

Twilio offers IoT developers programmable mobile connectivity

By Alex Scroxton 18 Apr 2018

Developers of internet of things applications and devices will be able to use the Twilio Programmable Wireless mobile communications platform to build mobile connectivity into their services Read More

Five things to watch for at Black Hat USA this year

By Robert Richardson 03 Aug 2018

As Black Hat USA 2018 approaches, we take a quick look at trends in the conference agenda and sessions not to miss. Read More

What are the similarities and differences of TCP/IP vs. HTTP?

By Peter Loshin 22 Jul 2019

TCP/IP made the internet, and HTTP made the web. Understanding how protocols enable web browsing is key to understanding the differences and similarities of TCP/IP vs. HTTP. Read More

Clear software development governance needed in this polyglot world

By Cameron McKenzie 21 Feb 2018

New architectures composed out of language agnostic software containers have made polyglot programming a new reality. But out of this newfound freedom chaos can ensue if clear software development ... Read More