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Serverless architectures offer more than a catchy buzzword

By Mark May 15 Jun 2017

There's an innovative concept behind the buzzword 'serverless.' Discover the benefits of this emerging architecture and how it delivers the true promises of cloud computing. Read More

Systems thinking principles: Building a DevOps support model

By Theresa Neate 05 Nov 2017

It's time to embrace a DevOps support model. Everything we do has consequences, good or bad. We're interdependent. That's why no team should work in isolation. Read More

CEO details HYCU backup for hyper-converged, multi-cloud

By Paul Crocetti 30 Nov 2018

Simon Taylor, CEO of HYCU, discusses his company's foray into hyper-converged and multi-cloud backup and recovery. The new vendor spun off from Comtrade in 2018. Read More

How HPE is climbing the supercomputer league to reach exascale performance

By Cliff Saran 15 Aug 2017

Hewlett Packard Enterprise recently joined a project to develop exascale computing for the US Department of Energy. We assess the implications Read More

Get involved! DevOps open source tools are too important

By Gordon Haff 14 Sep 2017

Open source tools are vital to DevOps, and creating better software depends on a thoughtful and engaged community getting involved and solving problems. Read More

How to bridge the network engineering skills gap

By Russ White 05 Apr 2018

Training for new network engineering skills should emphasize basic concepts behind building a network, whether it's software-defined, intent-based or disaggregated. Read More

IT monitoring strategy, org discipline polish Nasdaq DevOps incident response

By Beth Pariseau 30 Jan 2018

At Nasdaq, IT monitoring unified different teams' views of infrastructure, but cultural blocking and tackling are equally important to improve incident response. Read More

One of many benefits of containers: Continuous software delivery

By Avantika Mathur 19 Oct 2017

Containers are amazing things -- seriously. They speed up software deployment, which is critical in an era where good software makes winners and bad software makes losers. Read More

RESTful APIs tutorial: Learn key web service design principles

By Cameron McKenzie 07 Jul 2018

RESTful Java API designs shouldn't be hard to get right. This RESTful APIs tutorial shows core RESTful principles concerning URL structure and the effective use of HTTP methods. Read More

The present and future use of AI in healthcare

By Mark Labbe 09 Oct 2018

The use of AI and machine learning in healthcare has already changed the way some clinical and administrative processes are handled, and it could help reinvent how care is provided. Read More