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6 emerging technologies that belong in an IT operations plan

By Clive Longbottom 12 Nov 2018

A penny saved is a penny earned. But when it comes to AI, specialized compute engines and these other key emerging IT operations areas, a penny saved today is a dollar wasted -- or worse -- in the future. Read More

How to move beyond REST for microservices communication

By Tom Nolle 12 Sep 2018

Despite its popularity, REST isn't always the best protocol for microservices communication. There are other options that may be a better fit. Read More

MEF targets multivendor interoperability for network services

By Jennifer English 01 Jun 2018

Vendors participating in MEF's SD-WAN implementation project aim to develop better multivendor interoperability that can lend itself to improved automation. Read More

The fundamental differences between microservices and SOA

By Tom Nolle 30 Apr 2018

Microservices are all the rage, but those still used to SOA may feel a little left behind. Discover what SOA developers need to know about microservices and how to make the switch. Read More

Public procurement key to cyber security

By Warwick Ashford 21 Jan 2019

Using public procurement as a means of boosting cyber security is the top recommendation for 2019, according to a report based on expert views Read More

Enterprise digital strategy: Design use cases that create business value

By Mekhala Roy 29 Jun 2018

Tech capabilities are certainly important, but expert panelists at LiveWorx 2018 explained why overall business needs can't be ignored when crafting enterprise digital strategy. Read More

Design data center redundancy based on cloud outage lessons

By Mark May 20 Nov 2018

Public cloud providers have had catastrophic outages, but IT administrators can learn from cloud redundancy failures and successes -- and apply them to on-premises infrastructures. Read More

Facebook leaks: Zuckerberg turned data into dollars in ruthless battle with competitors

18 Apr 2019

Facebook’s CEO ruthlessly exploited personal data shared by its users to turn Facebook into the biggest social network, but internal documents show that privacy appeared to be an afterthought for executives Read More

Feds expand Facebook data sharing probe

By Warwick Ashford 03 Jul 2018

The US federal probe into Facebook’s data sharing practices is expanding and MEPs are considering new measures as the firm reveals it granted extended access to 61 companies and admits to another data sharing ... Read More

Cisco strategy puts software in the lead

By John Moore 03 Nov 2017

Channel partners can expect to see Cisco software play a bigger role on projects as the vendor bundles hardware with subscriptions and organizes its offerings around suites. Read More