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What steps can CIOs take to optimize their ITSM software?

By Mary K. Pratt 30 Jul 2018

James Stanger of CompTIA dives into the reasons for ITSM software proliferation in the enterprise, why that's a problem and how sticking to a unified ITSM framework can help. Read More

UK technology recruitment: Turn on the talent

By Jim Mortleman 03 May 2018

The hottest tech skills will always be in short supply and UK businesses increasingly struggle to find competent people to fill digital roles. But do companies’ approach to recruitment need to change? Read More

Safeguard AI from security vulnerabilities as IIoT big data grows

By Tae-Jin (TJ) Kang 12 Jun 2018

As AI comes into play to help organizations manage the IIoT data deluge, it is critical to secure AI against vulnerabilities. Insignary's TJ Kang discusses. Read More

Best tools and methods for designing RESTful APIs

By Tom Nolle 15 Aug 2018

Approaches to RESTful API design may differ, but five essential elements to API design exist to help guide your tool selection conundrum and solve your RESTful API design problems. Read More

ObjectRocket launches Azure MongoDB service

By Jack Vaughan 21 Mar 2018

Count ObjectRocket among those pursuing Azure MongoDB deployments. This open source NoSQL database continues to find traction on the web and in the cloud. Read More

PTC headquarters follows open-plan digital workplace strategy

By David Essex 21 May 2019

Moving from suburb to booming Boston Seaport District required a huge HR change management effort and interior design that ensures the right ratio of collaborative and private space. Read More

Cloud on the rise as hybrid cloud storage shows real maturity

By Antony Adshead 05 Feb 2018

This year’s storage news so far has provided a firm impression of the increasing prominence of the cloud, and in particular of attempts to harness the public cloud and private datacentre in hybrid ... Read More

Explainable AI: How and why did the AI say ‘true’?

By Cliff Saran 12 Feb 2019

The answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything is 42, according to Deep Thought in ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ – but experts need to explain AI decisions Read More

From bitcoin to deprecated Java, a look at 2017's top opinions

By Cameron McKenzie 27 Dec 2017

What were the most contested technology topics of 2017? On TheServerSide, issues such as bitcoin blockchains and deprecated Java methods generated the most comments and page views. Read More

SaaS HCM tilts power to business side of HR-IT partnership

By David Essex 21 Sep 2018

HR leaders joined Deloitte consultants in describing a shift in responsibilities, ownership and technical challenges of SAP SuccessFactors and Ultimate Software deployments. Read More