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Digital transformation spells opportunity for developers

By Jan Stafford 06 Oct 2017

Take a seat at the digital transformation project table, developers. It's your time to shine. Read More

How to make the most of your SAP licences

By Rory Canavan 14 Mar 2018

There is no point in paying for something you never use – or worse, using the wrong licence. Doing the bare minimum for SAP licence management is not enough Read More

The children of the digital revolution

By Chris Harding 12 Sep 2017

Digital professionals are emerging as the source of expertise within the agile enterprise. They understand how to use digital technologies, starting small then building big Read More

How Apple Business Chat could change contact-center market

By Jonathan Dame 02 Feb 2018

The Apple Business Chat release comes as many businesses are rethinking the role of the contact center, which could turn the platform into a market disruptor. Read More

Collect and analyze performance data with APM software

By Zachary Flower 13 Mar 2018

Admins must ensure that their applications are performing as expected. APM tools provide the necessary functions to discover and address possibly critical performance issues. Read More

Snowden, Cinder demo give OpenStack Summit storage twist

By Carol Sliwa 12 May 2017

BOSTON -- Storage is rarely a focal point at OpenStack Summit keynotes, so it was interesting this week to see a Cinder block storage demo -- even if it failed -- and Edward Snowden discussing data ... Read More

SAP banks on “intelligent enterprise” at Sapphire 2018

By Brian McKenna 11 Jun 2018

SAP, at its SapphireNow 2018 conference, promoted the “intelligent enterprise”, with Hasso Plattner and head of machine learning Markus Noga setting out the philosophy Read More

HPE Superdome Flex in-memory supports Big Bang research

By Cliff Saran 28 Nov 2017

Stephen Hawkin’s Cosmos research group takes delivery of a Superdome HPC to enable it to test theoretical models of the Big Bang Read More

IoT and testing: The new rules of engagement

By Antony Edwards 25 Jul 2017

With IoT, the days of testing what you build are over. TestPlant's Antony Edwards explains why you need to test everything that you touch. Read More

AI in software testing has arrived

By Valerie Silverthorne 27 Sep 2017

Machine learning can make many software testing tasks easier, faster and more reliable. Here's how AI is going to change the testing landscape, and what it means for testers. Read More