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Why are regulations still hindering connectivity?

By Alex Scroxton 27 Jun 2019

This is a guest blog post by Tom Dailey, chief international legal, policy and regulatory officer at Verizon The regulatory and policy landscape is a really important topic for all businesses given ... Read More

Hibernate vs. JDBC: How do these database APIs differ?

By Cameron McKenzie 28 Jun 2019

Don't overthink it. Hibernate and JDBC aren't the same thing. But how do these database APIs differ? Here's a brief history lesson and explainer to find out. Read More

Microsoft Build shows Azure's path for big data, open source

By Chris Kanaracus 06 May 2019

Microsoft Build's agenda shows the company wants every developer under its big tent, yet has a strong focus on open source and big data analytics. Read More

Gartner: Application security programs coming up short

By Mekhala Roy 20 Jun 2019

At the 2019 Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit, experts discussed how enterprise application security efforts are falling short and what can be done about it. Read More

Assess AIOps benefits and challenges for enterprise IT teams

By Kurt Marko 26 Jun 2019

To successfully reap the benefits of an AIOps implementation, IT teams first have to navigate some crucial cultural and technical shifts. Read More

What roles are included in a network engineer job description?

By Terry Slattery 19 Jun 2019

What is a network engineer? The role can encompass several disciplines, especially as new technologies emerge. Software knowledge, in particular, is in high demand. Read More

Software tester roles must embrace code focus

By David Carty 14 May 2019

IT gives testers license to voice contrarian opinions about software. But, as pressure to deploy intensifies, they might not be able to ignore code responsibilities anymore. Read More

Process automation technologies evolve: RPA vs. BPA vs. DPA

By Mary K. Pratt 08 Aug 2019

RPA, BPA, DPA and IPA are automation technologies that are on the rise for CIOs, but how do they differ? Here, we explain the basics and the key differences among the four acronyms. Read More

5 factors for using open source code in proprietary software

By Stephen J. Bigelow 02 May 2019

To make the best use of the vast and varied pool of open source software available, developers must be astute about what can actually best serve a project. Read More

How the Agile paradigm saved app development

27 Feb 2019

Traditional app-dev thinking can lead to modern-day failure. In this excerpt from Scrum -- A Pocket Guide, Gunther Verheyen explains why Agile is a must, not optional. Read More