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Acquire best practices with this system administration handbook

By Emily Mell, Pearson Education 24 Oct 2019

Often, books published about IT are obsolete the moment they hit the shelves: modern technology moves too fast for physical publishing. However, this particular volume aims for longevity. Read More

Employee activism, from composting to protests, is an HR issue

By Patrick Thibodeau 01 Nov 2019

Employee activism may be giving rise to 'green teams' or formal sustainability efforts. The development can be a positive opportunity for employees and provide payback in terms of employee engagement. Read More

Cloud Foundry CTO on the key to DevOps transformation

By Adrian Bridgwater 07 Mar 2019

This is a guest post for the Computer Weekly Open Source Inside blog written by Chip Childers, CTO of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. Cloud Foundry is an open source project with an open contribution ... Read More

Lloyds Bank uses community effort to push out DevOps

By Cliff Saran 19 Jun 2019

The developers and IT operations teams were once separate. Now they are one. The challenge is getting this to scale across the business Read More

How Graphcore is putting AI on steroids

By Aaron Tan 27 Sep 2019

UK chipmaker Graphcore’s intelligence processing unit may just hold the key to unlocking the full potential of artificial intelligence Read More

Why a CISO-CIO reporting structure undermines security

By Linda Tucci, Mekhala Roy 04 Nov 2019

The CISO-CIO reporting structure comes with a serious conflict of interest, argues cybersecurity expert Tarah Wheeler. Here's why. Read More

Making the Agile transition: What QA and test managers need to know

By Amy Reichert 13 Jun 2012

Moving from traditional software development to Agile is a major change. Amy Reichert provides the fundamentals to prepare teams for an Agile transition. Read More

Mock services create parity between local and cloud dev environments

By Zachary Flower 27 Jun 2019

Developers don't want to run into issues when moving between local and cloud development environments. Find out how to get parity between the two. Read More

GitHub Sponsors pledge to OSS developers sparks debate

By Darryl K. Taft 24 May 2019

GitHub has created a way to empower and financially compensate open source developers, and it could reshape the open source software development model – for better or worse. The version control ... Read More

Container image size makes a difference

By Kurt Marko 17 Sep 2019

IT teams ready to embark on container deployment should look closely at how developers break down and package application components. Little details will be important. Read More