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SAP HANA database pivotal to SAP's past -- and future

By Jim O'Donnell 23 Sep 2019

In the last 20 years, SAP has gone from an ERP software vendor to a modern-day technology powerhouse. Analysts point to SAP HANA as the linchpin to its transformation. Read More

Why quantum needs a classic approach for supremacy

By Cliff Saran 25 Sep 2019

Google claims it has developed an algorithm for a quantum computer that would take a traditional “classical” computer 10,000 years to run. We investigate Read More

Why DevOps underscores the importance of software testing

By David Carty 26 Sep 2019

There's no debating the importance of software testing. But QA should be everyone's responsibility. In this podcast, learn how to follow a team-wide approach to quality. Read More

Locking down the datacentre: A security checklist for IT administrators

By Stuart Burns 01 Oct 2019

As datacentres become increasingy decentralised and the security threats they face increase in number and complexity, IT admins are at risk of becoming overwhelmed as they strive to keep on top of their server farm... Read More

IBM interprets machine models with AI Explainability kit

By Darryl K. Taft 09 Aug 2019

IBM's open source AI Explainability 360 toolkit packages algorithms and training examples to help humans better understand the decision-making process of machine learning models. Read More

RPA journey: Schneider Electric's global plan taps Blue Prism, UiPath

By John Moore 19 Aug 2019

Schneider Electric, a multinational energy management company, has embarked on a robotic process automation journey, establishing a global team to evaluate RPA use cases. Read More

The case for CIOs taking charge of Agile at scale

By Mary K. Pratt 01 Jul 2019

Agile at scale is becoming a best practice for leading companies. Will the CIO be the CEO's proxy for driving scaled agility? Not without lobbying for the job. Read More

Women in code series: Jane Silber of Diffblue

By Adrian Bridgwater 25 Apr 2019

The Computer Weekly Developer Network and Open Source Insider team want to talk code and coding. But more than that, we want to talk coding across the diversity spectrum… so let’s get the tough ... Read More

IT pros must adapt to Azure certification path changes

By Kristen Gloss 27 Feb 2019

Microsoft reworked its Azure certifications recently and offers an upgrade path for IT pros with older credentials, but there is little time before the transition tests expire. Read More

New technologies for HR managers boost employee experience

By David Essex 05 Mar 2019

Today's tech builds on HRMS recordkeeping and talent management development models to give holistic views of the employee experience. HR's role will never be the same. Read More