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To secure DevOps, break culture and tooling barriers

By Sharon Shea 07 Oct 2019

The importance of secure DevOps initiatives can't be denied, but building security into DevOps isn't easy. Explore what needs to change and how those changes can be achieved. Read More

What to expect from Sumo Logic Illuminate

By Adrian Bridgwater 31 Jul 2019

The Computer Weekly Developer Network (CWDN) team is a big fan of historic California townships with eucalyptus groves and forward-thinking DevOps based upon real time analytics of enterprise log ... Read More

Container security best practices help mitigate risks and threats

By Johna Till Johnson 28 Mar 2019

Find out how container security best practices can address the four most common types of container and orchestrator vulnerabilities. Then mitigate threats with the right processes and tools. Read More

Using the capabilities of cloud to deliver AI that meets business goals

11 Sep 2019

The cloud is a natural fit for CIOs that wish to evaluate artificial intelligence (AI) because it lends itself to proof of concept (POC) and experimentation without the need for buying hardware that might ... Read More

Nordic greentech attracts investment

By Matthew Staff 02 Sep 2019

The Nordic region is seeing digital innovation across a diverse range of sectors and, not surprisingly, a region known for its green credentials also has a burgeoning green technology (greentech) sector Read More

Cisco sees enterprise network opportunity in public cloud

By Cliff Saran 16 May 2019

CEO Chuck Robbins says Cisco is in the best place to make the most of the new era of 5G, IoT and Wi-Fi 6 enterprise networking Read More

Big tech firms back UK cyber security initiative

By Warwick Ashford 22 Jul 2019

Big technology firms have pledged their support for UK investment in an initiative to “design out” of new tech the most damaging cyber security threats Read More

Google wants Project Zero to be part of an open alliance

By Michael Heller 13 Aug 2019

After five years of running Project Zero, Google wants to expand the scope to an open alliance of vulnerability researchers all working toward the same goal to 'make 0day hard.' Read More

NVMe-oF products are changing the face of data storage

By Kurt Marko 25 Sep 2019

NVMe-oF products are rapidly maturing, and NVMe-oF devices are now suitable for production workloads. Let's look at the hardware, software and supported systems hitting the market. Read More

Microsoft Build shows Azure's path for big data, open source

By Chris Kanaracus 06 May 2019

Microsoft Build's agenda shows the company wants every developer under its big tent, yet has a strong focus on open source and big data analytics. Read More