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How do machine learning algorithms differ from traditional algorithms?

By Nicole Laskowski 24 Aug 2018

In this ask the expert, ParallelM CTO Nisha Talagala lays out the similarities and differences between traditional software engineering and machine learning. Read More

AIOps tools supplement -- not supplant -- DevOps pipelines

By Will Kelly 07 Jan 2019

While the line between DevOps and AIOps often seems blurred, the two disciplines aren't synonymous. Instead, they present some key differences in terms of required skill sets and tools. Read More

10 skills of highly effective software testers

28 Sep 2018

While test automation has gained traction in recent years, a QA professional is still a better fit than robotic tools for many cases -- but only if the tester has these 10 skills. Read More

What is the difference between TCP/IP model vs. OSI model?

By John Burke 31 Jul 2019

Use this expert advice to learn the differences between the TCP/IP model vs. the OSI model, and explore how they relate to each other in network communications. Read More

Docker backup: Deciding what to protect and how

21 Jun 2019

Docker is a simplified form of virtualisation whose popularity has rocketed. We look at the key decisions about what parts of Docker you need to backup and how to do it Read More

To address microservices issues, turn to OOP principles

By Twain Taylor 13 Dec 2018

Developers may graduate to microservices from object-oriented programming, but the fundamental principles of OOP still apply, even if the techniques have changed. Read More

How to become a good software architect in 13 steps

19 Sep 2018

It's not easy to find your role in an IT enterprise setting. But if you can follow these 13 steps on how to become a software architect, you'll be well on your way to success. Read More

Test your knowledge of serverless computing

By Josh Kolarac 22 Jun 2018

It's time to get familiar with the term serverless and everything it encompasses. Test your knowledge on serverless computing and how it will impact your software projects. Read More

Marcus Ranum: Systems administration is in the 'crosshairs'

By Marcus J. Ranum 03 Dec 2018

After years of spirited debates and top-notch interviews, columnist Marcus Ranum is signing (sounding?) off with some final thoughts on the future of security. Read More

Strategies for managing multi-hypervisor environments

By Brian Kirsch 26 Apr 2019

Efficient multi-hypervisor management often comes down to where you place your workloads in terms of compatibility and security and how accessible your management tools are. Read More