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innovation management software

Innovation management software, a subset of enterprise collaboration software, helps company digitally manage the generation, collection and evaluation and launch of new ideas from internal employees and external ... Read Full Definition

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software robotics

Software robotics is the use of bot programs to automate computer tasks normally performed by people. Software robotics is synonymous with robotic process automation (RPA) and is the less widely used term, except ... Read Full Definition

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home building software (residential construction software)

Home building software, also known as residential construction software, is a collection of programs, processes and information that lets residential construction contractors manage the construction process from ... Read Full Definition

deduplication software

Dedupe software eliminates unnecessary copies of data by redirecting new iterations of the data back to the original. Read Full Definition

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acceptance test–driven development (ATDD)

Acceptance test–driven development (ATDD) is a collaborative process where developers, testers and business representatives come together to work out requirements, perceive potential pitfalls and reduce the chance ... Read Full Definition

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ISV (independent software vendor)

An ISV (independent software vendor) makes and sells software products that run on one or more computer hardware or operating system (OS) platforms. Read Full Definition

software robot

A software robot is an AI (artificial intelligence) system that runs on a host device rather than existing as a standalone machine. Read Full Definition

digitizer software

Digitizer software is the collection of programs, processes and information used to transform and store images into a format compatible for computer processing. Read Full Definition

rapid mobile app development (RMAD)

Rapid mobile application development (RMAD) uses low-code/no-code programming tools to speed the process of application creation for mobile platforms. Read Full Definition

CPQ software (configure price quote software)

Configure, price, quote (CPQ) is software that helps companies accurately define the price of goods by accounting for a variety of variables. Read Full Definition

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