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SDDC (software-defined data center)

An SDDC (software-defined data center) is a data storage facility in which networking, storage, CPU and security are virtualized and delivered as a service. Read Full Definition

SDN application (software-defined networking application)

An SDN application is a software program designed to perform a task in a software-defined networking (SDN) environment. SDN applications can replace and expand upon functions that are implemented through firmware ... Read Full Definition

software-defined infrastructure control (SDIC)

Software-defined infrastructure control (SDIC) is an analytics-driven approach to balancing the resources that application programs demand in virtual and cloud environments. Read Full Definition

anti-money laundering software (AML)

Anti-laundering software is a type of computer program used by financial institutions to analyze customer data and detect suspicious transactions... (Continued) Read Full Definition

Workforce management (WFM) software

Workforce management (WFM) software is an umbrella term for desktop and mobile programs that help a business manage staff scheduling. The term originated in contact centers and other service businesses that employ ... Read Full Definition

Web based project management software

Web based project management software is the collection of programs, processes and information that is used to manage various phases of a project and that is accessible on the Internet. Read Full Definition

software-defined networking monitoring application (SDN monitoring application)

An SDN monitoring application is a software program that oversees the traffic in a software-defined network (SDN) as a component of network management. Read Full Definition

soft keyboard (onscreen keyboard or software keyboard)

A soft keyboard (sometimes called an onscreen keyboard or software keyboard) is a system that replaces the hardware keyboard on a computing device with an on-screen image map. Read Full Definition

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SDN controller (software-defined networking controller)

An SDN controller is an application in a software-defined networking (SDN) architecture that manages flow control for improved network management and application performance. Read Full Definition

Software as a Service BI (SaaS BI)

Software as a Service business intelligence (SaaS BI) is a delivery model for business intelligence in which applications are typically deployed outside of a company’s firewall at a hosted location. Read Full Definition