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citizen development

Citizen development is a low code approach to software development that allows people to create software programs without needing to know anything about programming languages or how to write code. Read Full Definition

BizDevOps (Business, Development and Operations)

BizDevOps, also known as DevOps 2.0, is an approach to software development that encourages developers, operations staff and business teams to work together so the organization can develop software more quickly, be... Read Full Definition

sprint (software development)

A sprint is a set period of time during which specific work has to be completed and made ready for review. Read Full Definition

componentization (component-based development)

Componentization is an approach to software development that involves breaking software down into identifiable pieces that application developers independently write and deploy. Read Full Definition

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Quiz -- Software development

How to take the quiz: - After reading the question, click on the answer that you think is correct to go to the whatis. Read Full Definition

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full-stack developer

A full-stack developer is a type of programmer that has a functional knowledge of all techniques, languages and systems engineering concepts required in software development. Read Full Definition

integrated development environment (IDE)

An integrated development environment (IDE) is a software suite that consolidates basic tools required to write and test software. Read Full Definition

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web development framework (WDF)

A web development framework is a set of resources and tools for software developers to build and manage web applications, web services and websites. Read Full Definition

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software engineering

Software engineering is the application of principles used in the field of engineering, which usually deals with physical systems, to the design, development, testing, deployment and management of software systems. Read Full Definition

mobile application development

Mobile application development is the set of processes and procedures involved in writing software for small, wireless computing devices such as smartphones or tablets. Read Full Definition