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Agile glossary: Words-2-Go

This Agile glossary provides brief definitions of important terms and concepts in Agile and Scrum software development and project management. Read Full Definition

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functional requirements

Functional requirements are the desired operations of a program, or system as defined in software development and systems engineering. The systems in systems engineering can be either software electronic hardware ... Read Full Definition

Web stack

A Web stack is the collection of software required for Web development. At a minimum, a Web stack contains an operating system, a programming language, database software and a Web server. Read Full Definition


In agile software development, a customer is a person with an understanding of both the business needs and operational constraints for a project. (Continued...) Read Full Definition

Apache Incubator

Apache Incubator is the starting point for projects and software seeking to become part of the Apache Software Foundation’s efforts. The ASF is a non-profit organization that oversees the development of Apache ... Read Full Definition

Alexa Skills Kit

The Alexa Skills Kit is a software development kit (SDK) that enables a developer to build skills, also called conversational applications, on the Amazon Alexa artificial intelligence assistant. Read Full Definition

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Cluster Labs Pacemaker

Pacemaker is an open source high-availability cluster software developed from a collaboration between Red Hat and Novell. Read Full Definition

Apache License

The Apache License is a free software licensing agreement from the Apache Software Foundation that stipulates terms for use, modification and distribution of the software. All ASF software is released under the ... Read Full Definition

Open Networking Foundation (ONF)

The Open Networking Foundation (ONF) is a consortium dedicated to the development and standardization of software-defined networking (SDN). Read Full Definition

formal methods

Formal methods are the use of a specific mathematical technique for the specification, development and verification of systems in both software and electronic hardware. Read Full Definition

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