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OSGi (Open Service Gateway Initiative)

OSGi (Open Service Gateway Initiative) is Java framework for developing and deploying modular software programs and libraries. Read Full Definition

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bug convergence

In a software development project, bug convergence is the point at which the number of bugs fixed exceeds the number of bugs reported. Read Full Definition


NOX is an open source development platform for C++-based software-defined networking (SDN) control applications. Read Full Definition

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malware testing

Malware testing is the practice of subjecting malicious programs to software testing tools and procedures designed to assess the viability of legitimate applications. Malicious software developers want their ... Read Full Definition

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LivePerson is a software as a service (SaaS) provider that develops customer engagement and conversational commerce applications and platforms. Read Full Definition

user story

A user story is a tool used in Agile development to capture a description of a software feature from an end-user perspective. Read Full Definition

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Trema is an open source framework for developing OpenFlow controllers for software-defined networking in the Ruby and C programming languages. Read Full Definition

functional testing

Functional testing is a process used to evaluate software during development to ensure that it meets the application’s intended requirements. Read Full Definition

release management

Release management is a software engineering process intended to oversee the development, testing, deployment and support of software releases. The practice of release management combines the general business ... Read Full Definition

open API (public API)

An open API, also known as a public API, is an application programming interface made publically available to software developers. Read Full Definition