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E-Guide: Best practices for pen testing Web applications

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 24 Oct 2011 eGuide

This expert E-Guide examines what a Web application test is and best practices to getting the most out of them. Uncover guidelines to ensure your pen test is a success and key recommendations on how you can avoid ...

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Mobile Device Security Best Practices

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 12 Apr 2012 eGuide

While mobile devices have become a key tool for businesses today, it has also introduced a number of security risks that must be addressed. In this expert guide, uncover some of the best mobile security practices ...

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Step by Step: Best practices for security patch management

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 03 Mar 2011 eGuide

Whether you're new to patch management or just need a refresher, this expert e-guide reviews best practices for security patch management to ensure accurate, effective patch testing in your organization.

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Best Practices of Third-Party Software Security

sponsored by Veracode, Inc. Published: 04 Oct 2017 White Paper

This white paper offers best practices for improving software security across your entire application landscape. Uncover best practices and approaches for securing third-party applications, open source components, ...

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Email Security Best Practices for Email Security as a Service

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 07 Oct 2013 eGuide

In this expert e-guide, you will discover email security best practices for email security as a service and how to establish them in your organization.

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eGuide: Email Security and Compliance Best Practices

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 04 Jan 2011 eGuide

Secure and compliant email systems are essential for financial services companies. In this two part series on email security best practices, expert George Wrenn discusses how to capture emails, securely archive the...

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Best Practices for Improving Mobile Data Security

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 15 Jul 2013 eGuide

This expert guide from SearchConsumerization.com takes an in-depth look at mobile data security best practices, including creating a robust PIN or passcode, implementing anti-malware, understanding the top mobile ...

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Secure Web Gateway Overview: Implementation Best Practices

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 10 May 2013 eGuide

This E-Guide from SearchSecurity.com unveils a number of best practices for implementing a web security gateway to help you get the most out of your investment. View now to learn more!

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Enterprise Mobile Device Security Best Practices

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 17 Sep 2012 eGuide

This E-Guide from SearchConsumerization.com explores the top four best practices for keeping your corporate information safe in case a mobile device is lost or stolen.

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IT Handbook: Security Best Practices for Server Virtualization

sponsored by SearchSecurity.com Published: 09 Aug 2011 eBook

Without the right plan for managing security, much of your proprietary data and  information is at great risk. Access this expert resource, from the editors at SearchServerVirtualization.com, to learn the essential...

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