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Tape for Backup: Here to Save the Day?

sponsored by TechTarget Published: 25 Apr 2016 Resource

Participate in our archiving research program and get immediate access to a new 3-part guide detailing a hybrid approach to on-site and off-site archiving and protection that uses disk, cloud and tape in almost ...

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From Tape to Cloud: The Journey to Efficient Backup

sponsored by Carbonite Published: 15 Jan 2018 White Paper

Inside, find 5 motivations for moving to cloud backup. Then, read through a quick checklist to make sure you're taking the right steps for making the switch to cloud fast, productive, and painless.

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Tape or Cloud Backup? Why Both Should be Part of Your Cybersecurity Plan

sponsored by Veeam Software Published: 31 Mar 2018 White Paper

Click inside to explore why a hybrid approach to backup is the smart way to go about protecting your data in such a turbulent environment. Learn how offline tape backups can help you fight ransomware, why diversity...

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Top 3 Reasons IT Teams Are Still Using Tape For Their Primary Backup Target

sponsored by Unitrends Published: 18 Sep 2018 White Paper

This paper closely examines 3 reasons why many IT teams keep tape as part of their backup practice. Access now to see how tape stacks up to other backup and DR methods like disk and cloud-based data protection.

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Tape and Cloud: More Than a Marriage of Convenience

sponsored by Iron Mountain Published: 30 Dec 2016 White Paper

This white paper outlines how a combination of offsite tape vaulting and cloud storage can provide you with a safe and scalable way to store data that also conforms to any access and recovery requirements. Read on ...

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Long Term Retention to Tape With Cohesity DataProtect

sponsored by Cohesity Published: 29 Aug 2018 White Paper

This paper details the steps to successfully schedule and manage tape backups from Cohesity DataProtect, a converged platform that allows customers to keep the long-term retention copies of data on cloud and/or ...

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Are You Ready to Handle the Challenges of Modern Backup?

sponsored by SearchDataBackup.com Published: 19 Mar 2014 eBook

This white paper explains some of the toughest backup challenges facing IT professionals today including data growth and virtual servers. It goes over the ins and outs of backing up large volumes of data and talks ...

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Moving From Tape To The Cloud? Why Not Consider a Hybrid Approach?

sponsored by Iron Mountain Published: 31 Oct 2016 Resource

In this infographic, discover how you can escape being stuck with tape storage, without taking all the security risks of a cloud environment by adopting a hybrid-cloud strategy.

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Integrated Backup vs. Traditional Disk Libraries

sponsored by SearchStorage.com Published: 24 May 2012 eGuide

Disk is still rising to dominance in IT storage, but it's adapting to the increasing preference toward all-in-one and integrated backup appliances. Check out this SearchStorage.com E-Guide to explore these new ...

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Analyzing the Economic Value of LTO Tape for Long-term Data Retention

sponsored by Ultrium Published: 29 Feb 2016 Research Content

This ESG research report outlines the economic value that LTO-based technology provides for long-term data retention. Click inside to evaluate TCO simulations when LTO is pitted against disk storage, as well as ...

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