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A 5 Minute Guide to Natural Language Processing and Cognitive Search

sponsored by Attivio, Inc. Published: 20 Sep 2017 White Paper

This white paper explores the impact of natural language processing (NLP) and text analytics on cognitive search apps. Find out how cognitive search leverages technologies like NLP and machine learning, helping you...

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How a Large Global Professional Services Network Deploys Natural Language Generation

sponsored by AWS - Narrative Science Published: 27 Apr 2018 Case Study

In this case study, see how large service firm, Deloitte, implemented an NLG platform that interprets large data sets meaningfully into context. Plus, learn of NLG'a many capabilities including intent-driven ...

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5-Minute Guide to Text Analytics

sponsored by Attivio, Inc. Published: 13 Sep 2017 White Paper

Data has been growing for years at an exponential rate, and most of it (80% by accepted industry estimates) is unstructured. This data is robbing executives of insight they need to make better data-driven decisions...

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Text Analytics: Unlocking the Value of Unstructured Data

sponsored by SAS Published: 01 Jul 2016 White Paper

Most organizations – across industries – have only scratched the surface of what can be learned through the analysis of unstructured text data. In this paper by International Institute for Analytics, uncover how to...

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Building Better Business Analytics to Improve BI

sponsored by Pyramid Analytics Published: 28 Nov 2016 Resource

Many organizations struggle with inefficient, overly complex business intelligence processes that leave them with fragmented data and incomplete information. Learn about a business intelligence platform that ...

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Technology Comparison: In-Memory Analytics Vs. Disk-Based OLAP Analytics

sponsored by Pyramid Analytics Published: 15 Mar 2016 White Paper

BI and IT leaders face many dilemmas when deciding on an analytics technology. In this white paper, examine in-memory analytics technology, and a multidimensional, disk-based OLAP analytic technology. Learn what ...

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How BI Technology Can Make Analytics Available To All Levels of Business

sponsored by Pyramid Analytics Published: 03 Nov 2016 White Paper

In this white paper learn about BI software that puts analytics back in the hands of the users. Discover how you can easily conduct advanced analytics like predictive modeling and time-series analysis, enable email...

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BI Office: Extending Your Team's Analytic Power

sponsored by Pyramid Analytics Published: 24 Apr 2017 White Paper

Advanced analytics can transform how organizations operate – they can help employees make decisions with data and insight previously untapped. But even those organizations seeking to be data driven have few ...

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Improve Your Self-Service Analytics Credibility with Data Quality

sponsored by Pyramid Analytics Published: 24 Apr 2017 White Paper

In the journey to become more data-driven in decision making, companies seek unprecedented democratization of data and adoption of self-service analytics. But inaccurate data undermines the powerful value of ...

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Case Study: How Volkswagen Group Ireland Found The Right Analytics Technology

sponsored by Pyramid Analytics Published: 31 Jan 2017 Case Study

Having the right analytics technology can have a massive impact on an organization – just ask Volkswagen Group Ireland. This auto company needed a scalable, enterprise-caliber BI technology that offered tailored ...

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