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Ofcom announces plans to ‘supercharge’ investment in fibre broadband

By Joe O’Halloran 08 Jan 2020

Regulator says proposals to upgrade UK broadband infrastructure will transform the business case for national full-fibre investment in towns, cities and villages Read More

Why would IT manually upgrade to Windows 10?

By Brien Posey 06 Jul 2018

There are some instances where IT should manually upgrade to Windows 10, including when the desktop runs older software for which IT does not have the installation media. Read More

HP Spectre X360 15, Elite Dragonfly hands-on preview

By Jamison Cush 07 Jan 2020

Upgrades to the HP Spectre X360 15 and HP Elite Dragonfly were unveiled at CES 2020, catering to the needs of business users -- but at a cost. Read More

Qumulo upgrades hybrid-flash hybrid cloud C-series with C-72T

By Antony Adshead 17 Apr 2019

Hybrid cloud-focused clustered NAS provider Qumulo’s C-72T takes advantage of cheaper and better components to start at 72TB and scale to petabytes from a 1U node Read More

Invest in an IT infrastructure upgrade -- or keep fixing it

By Brian Kirsch 25 Oct 2018

Because upgrades to infrastructure equipment can be expensive and difficult, the easier decision is to renew a support contract. But delay comes at a cost, too. Read More

How to ease the pain of Kubernetes upgrades with automation

By Twain Taylor 21 Jun 2018

Although Kubernetes aims to automate container management, Kubernetes upgrades are still a tedious, manual process. Learn about the tooling that helps automate this task. Read More

How to get the Windows 10 upgrade process right

By Ed Tittel 23 Aug 2018

To install Windows 10 correctly, IT pros should alter the disk layout for a fresh installation of the OS to match Microsoft's recommended order rather than its default order. Read More

Design a Horizon View upgrade plan

By Stuart Burns 15 Jun 2018

Move between VMware Horizon View versions with a careful plan to avoid issues. You should break up the process by first upgrading your vCenter and ESXi servers and then upgrading VDI. Read More

Upgraded Bank of England system that gives more fintechs the same rights as banks, due in 2025

By Karl Flinders 20 Feb 2019

While fintechs get their platforms up and running in months the Bank of England’s core system replacement will take best part of a decade. Read More

Consider these 5 FAQs for network monitoring best practices

By Michaela Goss 12 Dec 2019

New technologies are transforming how organizations plan network management and monitoring, introducing questions about legacy system upgrades and the number of tools required. Read More