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Network edge switch upgrades hinge on WLAN deployments

By Craig Mathias 04 Jun 2018

Network edge switch upgrades depend on a variety of factors, but one of the most critical is taking a look at your future WLAN deployment strategies. Read More

Macrium Reflect Upgrade Cancels Backup Schedules

By Ed Tittel 28 Mar 2018

As I follow my twice-monthly drive cleanup routine, I realize that Macrium Reflect upgrade cancels backup schedules. Can't have that! Read More

1809 MiniITX PC Gets 1903 Update Offer

By Ed Tittel 24 Jul 2019

As an experiment, I left my wife's 2012 vintage PC at 1809 to see when it might get an upgrade offer. Today (July 24) her 1809 MiniITX PC gets 1903 update offer, and that upgrade succeeds! Read More

Oracle HCM Cloud gets 'big' upgrade

By Patrick Thibodeau 21 Mar 2018

Oracle is bringing consumerlike approaches to its HCM cloud applications. That includes using virtual assistants and intelligent analysis to improve recruiting processes. Read More

Reducing Win10 Upgrade Offline Time

By Ed Tittel 21 Mar 2018

MS says a key goal in improving feature upgrades is reducing Win10 upgrade offline time. Personally, I find their current list of upgrade/install steps more informative. Read More

An overview of VMware snapshots and how to manage them

By Allyson Larcom 20 Nov 2019

In a VMware environment, you can use a snapshot to save a short-term image of a VM prior to patches or upgrades. However, too many snapshots can cause performance issues. Read More

Don't forget SD-WAN during your next network infrastructure upgrade

By John Burke 23 Jul 2018

SD-WAN can be a natural progression for enterprises facing a network infrastructure upgrade. But a refresh with SD-WAN deployment requires more than a 'hope for the best' attitude. Read More

Dell Venue Pro 11 7130 Strange Upgrade Issues

By Ed Tittel 19 Jul 2018

When Dell Venue Pro 11 7130 strange upgrade issues manifest for recent Insider Preview builds, my usual troubleshooting ritual sets things right. No clean install this time, as I'd feared might be ... Read More

Time is up for vSphere 5.5 users: Upgrade or pay to stay

By Nick Martin 05 Sep 2018

LAS VEGAS – A large portion of VMware customers face a decision as the end of support for vSphere 5.5 draws near: Risk foregoing commercial support and security updates or pay up for a 12-month ... Read More

Every physical product joins digital age with upgrade to ubiquitous barcode

By Niall Murphy 04 Sep 2018

Creating a new digital ecosystem; bringing GS1 Digital Link to consumer product brands at mass scale; every product can now be #BornDigital. EVRYTHNG's Niall Murphy discusses. Read More