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VMware NSX 6.4 introduces upgrade planner, HTML5 features

By Rob Bastiaansen 10 Jul 2018

VMware NSX features new to 6.4 include an upgrade planner and improved firewall functionality. Users can access these features from vSphere Client, which includes new HTML5 components. Read More

Eggplant adds new features to AI test automation suite

By Tanner Harding 24 Jun 2019

Eggplant has added customer experience-focused upgrades to its Digital Automation Intelligence Suite that aim to make the testing process faster and easier. Read More

AWS bandwidth upgrade opens door to more data movement

By Trevor Jones 01 Feb 2018

A bandwidth jolt to AWS networking services gives customers faster data transfer between services, and creates workflows that might have otherwise been prohibitive. Read More

The pitfalls of hyper-converged infrastructure and how to avoid them

By Rene Millman 23 Jul 2019

Hyper-converged infrastructure can be an easy win when it comes to datacentre infrastructure upgrades, but there are pitfalls. We discuss how best you can sidestep them Read More

Demand-driven MRP an upgrade for SAP digital supply chain

By Jim O'Donnell 30 Mar 2018

SAP and Accenture announced plans to develop DDMRP functions for SAP Integrated Business Planning; SAP DataGenius Challenge tries to get March Madness predictions right. Read More

IT infrastructure and cyber security ‘critical’ for Student Loans Company future

By Angelica Mari 23 Jul 2019

Upgrades to key systems and cyber defence capability will be required so the non-departmental public body can continue to perform key functions, according to a major review Read More

TLS 1.3 update is finalized with encryption upgrade

By Peter Loshin 27 Mar 2018

The IETF approves the TLS 1.3 encryption protocol upgrade after four years and 28 versions; improvements include better security and performance, as well as middlebox support. Read More

Cisco HyperFlex system upgrade targets hybrid cloud

By Antone Gonsalves 26 Jan 2018

The Cisco HyperFlex system is now available with AppDynamics, CloudCenter and other software for managing hybrid cloud applications. The new all-in-one system scales to 64 nodes. Read More

What is the best way to upgrade to SAP Process Orchestration?

By Jawad Akhtar 26 Jan 2018

Upgrading from SAP Process Integration to SAP Process Orchestration is possible, but learn why many companies are opting for a side-by-side migration from PI to PO and some of the steps involved. Read More