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Demand-driven MRP an upgrade for SAP digital supply chain

By Jim O'Donnell 30 Mar 2018

SAP and Accenture announced plans to develop DDMRP functions for SAP Integrated Business Planning; SAP DataGenius Challenge tries to get March Madness predictions right. Read More

Take a stroll down the Windows 10 upgrade paths

By Kelly M. Stewart 06 Nov 2017

IT can get lost in a Windows 10 upgrade. Save time and money by knowing the do's and don'ts of migrating to the new OS, and avoid common mistakes. Read More

17074.1002 Introduces Involuntary Upgrade Repair Install

By Ed Tittel 19 Jan 2018

The latest Win10 Insider Preview build 17074.1002 introduces involuntary upgrade repair install. What looks like an update is a major version upgrade! Read More

TLS 1.3 update is finalized with encryption upgrade

By Peter Loshin 27 Mar 2018

The IETF approves the TLS 1.3 encryption protocol upgrade after four years and 28 versions; improvements include better security and performance, as well as middlebox support. Read More

Enterprise IT infrastructure: Outsource or upgrade for CIOs?

By John Moore 27 Oct 2017

Intent-based networking and other emerging technologies offer new approaches to enterprise IT, but some CIOs are seeking innovation in cloud computing. Read More

VMware NSX 6.4 introduces upgrade planner, HTML5 features

By Rob Bastiaansen 10 Jul 2018

VMware NSX features new to 6.4 include an upgrade planner and improved firewall functionality. Users can access these features from vSphere Client, which includes new HTML5 components. Read More

Gartner: 5G launch fails to stem decline of smartphone sales

By Cliff Saran 26 Sep 2019

Consumers see no reason to upgrade their current high-end 4G devices. But next year, 5G's greater security and faster speeds may reverse this trend Read More

Checklist to upgrade your network's performance

By Craig Mathias 12 Jul 2017

Need to upgrade your network's performance? This checklist includes more than just security and improved throughput. Read More

Dell HCI, server upgrades flex hardware muscle for software plans

By Ed Scannell 04 May 2018

Upgrades to Dell's high-end PowerEdge servers, along with HCI servers to run machine learning workloads, illustrate the company's balancing act to address corporate users' needs for server hardware and hybrid cloud. Read More