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Insider Preview 20H1 Upgrade Follies

By Ed Tittel 07 Aug 2019

With the release of Build 18950 on July 31, I work through some Insider Preview 20H1 upgrade follies. The TLDR version is: watch out for cycling, and WiFi hijinks. Read More

Production PC Gets 1903 Upgrade

By Ed Tittel 03 Jun 2019

After waiting 10 days in vain for WU to offer, Production PC gets 1903 upgrade when I manually resort to the Update Assistant instead. Spoiler alert: the upgrade has a happy ending! Read More

The UK manufacturing sector needs a digital upgrade

02 Jul 2019

In this week’s Computer Weekly, the UK manufacturing sector is lagging behind on digital technology – we examine the challenges for the industry in becoming a global leader. Our buyer’s guide looks at enterprise ... Read More

Safeguard Hold Blocks 1903 Upgrade For Some PCs

By Ed Tittel 24 Jun 2019

If you're running Version 1809 or older and Windows Update isn't offering the upgrade, it's nearly certain that a safeguard hold blocks 1903 Upgrade on the target PC. Here is more info. Read More

ManageEngine Analytics Plus upgrades with AI assistant Zia

By Sabrina Polin 23 Jul 2019

With Zia, IT teams can ask questions via voice or text to quickly access data and insight. Available with ManageEngine Analytics Plus, the AI intends to increase productivity. Read More

Openreach trials will speed up broadband upgrade

By Karl Flinders 18 Jun 2019

Tests to focus on process of migrating households and businesses to fibre to the premise and voice over IP Read More

Data center performance requirements spur 25 GbE upgrades

By Kevin Tolly 14 Aug 2019

Enterprises are upgrading their data centers with 25 GbE to achieve better throughput and support I/O-intensive applications. Here are some best practices for making the switch. Read More

SolarWinds releases slew of network management upgrades

By Tanner Harding 05 Jun 2019

SolarWinds has made a host of changes to its network management portfolio, including adding Network Insight for Palo Alto Networks and centralized upgrades, among others. Read More

Independent vendors Qlik, MicroStrategy upgrade BI platforms

By Eric Avidon 02 Jul 2019

Independent business intelligence and analytics vendors Qlik and MicroStrategy update their platforms in a move to stay ahead of their competition. Read More

Istio service mesh hits OpenShift GA, but upgrades are slow

By Beth Pariseau 22 Aug 2019

Istio service mesh, Kiali and Jaeger are generally available for Red Hat OpenShift 4, but it will be some time before users are ready for the latest version of the platform. Read More