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Creators Update Delivers Easy Upgrade

By Ed Tittel 10 Apr 2017

Based on my recent, repeated, and carefully observed recent exposure, Creators Update delivers easy upgrade experiences to those inclined to try it out via the Media Creation Tool. Read More

Many councils admit they are not ready to upgrade from Windows 7

By Cliff Saran 23 Jan 2018

With less than two years to go before Microsoft stops supporting Windows 7, a study has found many councils may struggle to meet this deadline Read More

IFS 18 Atlanta: CEO Roos asserts customer focus with upgraded ERP suite

By Brian McKenna 02 May 2018

IFS uses 2018 world conference in Atlanta to launch upgrade of its enterprise resource planning suite, shepherded by new CEO Darren Roos Read More

Pros and cons of a Windows 10 clean install vs. upgrade

By Kari Finn, Ed Tittel 21 Nov 2017

When migrating to Windows 10, IT must decide whether to perform an upgrade install or clean install. The benefits of one are the weaknesses of the other. Read More

Google focuses more on steering the Android ship than righting it

By Michael Heller 09 May 2019

Google's security and privacy upgrades to Android are mostly forward-thinking changes, readying for a future that is inevitable but unclear, rather than ways to improve security today. Read More

SAP defends S/4HANA HCM upgrade amid questions

By Patrick Thibodeau 16 Jan 2018

SAP, which has some 14,000 on-premises HCM customers, is extending on-premises support five years to 2030. But HCM users will have to migrate to its HANA in-memory platform for support. Read More

Should your business upgrade to Windows 10 or not?

By Eddie Lockhart 29 Mar 2017

Organizations can cling to past versions of Windows as long as they want. But, eventually, they will have to accept Windows 10, and they should learn how to prepare for the move. Read More

May 2019 Update General Availability Still Leaves PCs Out

By Ed Tittel 07 Jun 2019

Despite a May 6 claim of more-or-less general availability, so-called May 2019 Update general availability still leaves PCs out of the automatic upgrade proffer that clicking "Check for updates" is ... Read More

VMware NSX upgrades resolve issues, add feature improvements

By Rob Bastiaansen 13 Nov 2017

Since the release of NSX 6.3, VMware's been busy churning out additional upgrades. Take a closer look at what each of these NSX 6.3 upgrades includes, from bug fixes to new features. Read More

Can cable be reused when upgrading 802.11ac wireless LAN?

By Lee Badman 07 Mar 2018

Is it better to repurpose legacy cabling when planning an 802.11ac wireless LAN upgrade, or does it make sense to buy new? Like many things networking, it depends. Read More