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SAN storage devices: MSP finds new business in tech upgrade

By John Moore 21 Feb 2018

Evercom, a managed services provider, was able to both upgrade its storage and find a new business opportunity when it purchased new gear from Reduxio Systems. Read More

Prepare for VMware patches as if they were firmware upgrades

By Brian Kirsch 29 Sep 2017

VMware patches, due to interconnections with the rest of your system, require as much coordination as firmware upgrades. Balance update scheduling carefully to maintain control. Read More

Eggplant adds new features to AI test automation suite

By Tanner Harding 24 Jun 2019

Eggplant has added customer experience-focused upgrades to its Digital Automation Intelligence Suite that aim to make the testing process faster and easier. Read More

Should your business upgrade to Windows 10 or not?

By Eddie Lockhart 29 Mar 2017

Organizations can cling to past versions of Windows as long as they want. But, eventually, they will have to accept Windows 10, and they should learn how to prepare for the move. Read More

PC industry suffers as Microsoft severs link between Windows and hardware refreshes

By Cliff Saran 08 Apr 2019

If Microsoft succeeds, a Windows upgrade will no longer mean that businesses need to refresh their PC estate Read More

IT Priorities 2018: Network upgrades, automation, cloud make the cut

By Brian Holak 02 Feb 2018

The TechTarget IT Priorities 2018 survey finds that networking, automation and cloud projects will keep IT pros busy. IoT and AI lag, but that doesn't mean they aren't happening. Read More

Can you integrate legacy network monitoring and analytics?

By Amy Larsen DeCarlo 28 Jun 2019

Legacy network monitoring and new analytics tools don't often mix. One workaround is APIs, but a better option is to upgrade older management software. Read More

The pitfalls of hyper-converged infrastructure and how to avoid them

By Rene Millman 23 Jul 2019

Hyper-converged infrastructure can be an easy win when it comes to datacentre infrastructure upgrades, but there are pitfalls. We discuss how best you can sidestep them Read More

IT infrastructure and cyber security ‘critical’ for Student Loans Company future

By Angelica Mari 23 Jul 2019

Upgrades to key systems and cyber defence capability will be required so the non-departmental public body can continue to perform key functions, according to a major review Read More

Pros and cons of a Windows 10 clean install vs. upgrade

By Kari Finn, Ed Tittel 21 Nov 2017

When migrating to Windows 10, IT must decide whether to perform an upgrade install or clean install. The benefits of one are the weaknesses of the other. Read More