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Upgraded AWS automation streamlines cross-account controls

By Trevor Jones 28 Jul 2017

AWS automation additions to CloudFormation and CloudWatch Events give organizations new tools to manage resources across multiple accounts. Read More

CSM Subscribers Get Free Upgrades

By Ed Tittel 20 Jan 2017

MS announces that CSM Subscribers Get Free Upgrades from Windows 7 or 8.1 to 10 for other devices outside current subscription agreements. Read More

UAE hotel upgrades wireless network and internet connectivity

24 Jul 2017

Beach resort completes major project to revamp its wireless infrastructure with TP-Link technologies Read More

Openreach calls on CSPs to help formulate full-fibre strategy

By Alex Scroxton 21 Mar 2019

Openreach has opened a six-week consultation seeking views from the industry on how best to upgrade consumers to full-fibre broadband Read More

Experian admits mobile and online issues after system upgrade

By Karl Flinders 10 Jul 2017

Some customers of credit referencing company are having problems accessing a service they pay for following an IT upgrade and large customer migration to a new system Read More

Microsemi upgrades controllers based on HPE technology

By Garry Kranz 04 Apr 2017

Semiconductor maker Microsemi unveils SmartROC 3100 and SmartIOC 2100 SAS and SATA technology gained in the PMC-Sierra acquisition. The chipset is used to build custom server boards. Read More

802.11ac drives enterprise WLAN market growth for now

By Jennifer English 21 Jun 2019

802.11ac played a crucial role in enterprise WLAN market growth, as companies felt the pressure to upgrade their wireless infrastructure. But 802.11ax is the future. Read More

Apple faces challenge of convincing users to upgrade to iPhone X

By Zach Emmanuel 13 Sep 2017

Apple has announced the iPhone X but it faces a challenge of convincing current owners to make the jump. Read More

How to upgrade to PowerShell 5

By Adam Bertram 28 Mar 2016

PowerShell version 5 is the most recent iteration of the scripting language and offers new features from previous versions. Admins can upgrade to the new version in a few steps. Read More

Reduxio Systems adds CDM, DR upgrades to TimeOS

By Garry Kranz 22 Jun 2017

Reduxio rolls out its third version of TimeOS storage software, adding NoRestore copy data management and NoMigrate DR. The vendor claims to deliver zero downtime and data loss. Read More