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Win10: Upgrade Now or Upgrade Tonight. Really?

16 Dec 2015

Users who haven't used the GWX Control Panel to remove the "Get Windows 10" stuff from Windows 7 or 8.1 systems are now faced with an interesting choice when that runtime facility triggers in the ... Read More

Top server maintenance tips to extend hardware lifespan

14 Jan 2019

IT administrators can upgrade CPU, RAM and networking hardware to maintain smooth server operations and to maximize resources. Read More

Colt embarks on business network upgrade

03 Nov 2016

Network services supplier Colt has committed to a system-wide network upgrade to supply customers with bandwidth levels of up to 100Gbps Read More

Upgrades to Salesforce PRM app target high-tech, manufacturing

21 Jul 2017

By upgrading its Sales Cloud PRM capabilities, users can now easily deploy partner channel processes, including discounting and website branding. Read More

Build a comprehensive outline for your data center budget

17 Apr 2019

Including all necessary data center expenses during budget planning can be daunting. IT managers can start with costs for software licenses, hardware upgrades and cloud migration. Read More

The Sanger Institute on using datacentre upgrades to help decode the human genome

21 Sep 2017

Paul Woobey, IT director at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, tells Computer Weekly why the organisation's HPC workload requirements cannot be fulfilled by a move to the cloud Read More

Ten reasons to do an Oracle database upgrade

23 Jan 2017

For every excuse made not to upgrade an Oracle database, there are overriding reasons to do so. Here are the top reasons organizations should move up to Oracle Database 12c. Read More

Disk Cleanup Beats CCleaner Post-Win10-Upgrade

11 Jul 2017

A recent comparison shows that the built-in Disk Cleanup beats CCleaner post-Win10-upgrade: it's faster and it also does a deeper clean. Read More

Quantum upgrades to StorNext 6 with replication and app QoS

19 Apr 2017

Quantum StorNext scale-out file system adds to cloud capability with granular replication that can operate one-to-one, one-to-many, plus provide storage QoS per application Read More

Why a VMware certification is still a valuable asset

29 Mar 2019

In the cloud era, renewing or upgrading a VMware certification might feel like a waste of time, effort and money. But for some admins, it might still be a good idea. Read More