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Ten reasons to do an Oracle database upgrade

23 Jan 2017

For every excuse made not to upgrade an Oracle database, there are overriding reasons to do so. Here are the top reasons organizations should move up to Oracle Database 12c. Read More

Google focuses more on steering the Android ship than righting it

09 May 2019

Google's security and privacy upgrades to Android are mostly forward-thinking changes, readying for a future that is inevitable but unclear, rather than ways to improve security today. Read More

Effectively communicate and troubleshoot an upgrade failure

30 Sep 2016

When you're dealing with an upgrade failure, it's extremely important to not only communicate with end users and management, but also to understand the limitations of backups. Read More

Quantum upgrades to StorNext 6 with replication and app QoS

19 Apr 2017

Quantum StorNext scale-out file system adds to cloud capability with granular replication that can operate one-to-one, one-to-many, plus provide storage QoS per application Read More

Disk Cleanup Beats CCleaner Post-Win10-Upgrade

11 Jul 2017

A recent comparison shows that the built-in Disk Cleanup beats CCleaner post-Win10-upgrade: it's faster and it also does a deeper clean. Read More

Free Win10 Upgrade Still Available

13 Jan 2017

Despite Microsoft's emphatic assertion that free upgrades from Windows 7 and 8.1 ended 7/27/16, free Win10 upgrade still available. Here's how... Read More

A no-fuss guide to an ESXi 6.5 upgrade

13 Jan 2017

The latest version of VMware vSphere comes with a substantial version upgrade for its core hypervisor platform. Implement an ESXi upgrade by following these steps. Read More

MS Upgrade Analytics for Win10

26 Sep 2016

Windows Upgrade Analytics for Win10 makes telemetry data available inside organizations to help them get a grip on in-house Win10 upgrades and deployments. Read More

Exchange 2016 upgrade considerations

23 May 2016

Organizations planning an upgrade to Exchange 2013 or Exchange 2016 should focus on five areas to avoid trouble. Read More

The Sanger Institute on using datacentre upgrades to help decode the human genome

21 Sep 2017

Paul Woobey, IT director at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, tells Computer Weekly why the organisation's HPC workload requirements cannot be fulfilled by a move to the cloud Read More