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Is upgrading to SNMP v3 enough to secure network devices?

16 Aug 2017

Using SNMP v3 is a good first step, but it's not enough to prevent attackers from accessing a network through an SNMP-enabled device. Expert Judith Myerson explains what else to do. Read More

IT pros must adapt to Azure certification path changes

27 Feb 2019

Microsoft reworked its Azure certifications recently and offers an upgrade path for IT pros with older credentials, but there is little time before the transition tests expire. Read More

Oracle 19c database software promises stability, compatibility

13 Mar 2019

Oracle Database 19c offers automatic indexing and support for external data partitions but carries upgrade issues like apps certification and index creation agreement. Read More

Trump 2020 budget calls for more RPA, better CX

12 Mar 2019

The Trump 2020 budget calls for ways to upgrade the consumer experience with RPA and user-friendly interfaces. But legacy systems continue to take the lion's share of IT funds. Read More

Google database services get an upgrade

19 Aug 2016

The last of the Google database services still in testing are now generally available, as the cloud provider looks to flesh out its big data tools and meet enterprise demands. Read More

Writable shared flash volumes highlight E8 Storage upgrade

09 Aug 2017

E8 adds parallel file-system support for IBM Spectrum Scale and Oracle RAC deployments. Applications read and write to a shared flash volume on E8-D24 and new E8 X-24 arrays. Read More

How to use vCenter Server Appliance to upgrade ESXi hosts

28 Feb 2017

You upgraded vCenter to version 6.5; what comes next? Upgrade your ESXi hosts to gain access to new features and functionality by following these steps. Read More

School infrastructure project: ConvergeOne upgrades aging data center

17 May 2017

ConvergeOne, a communications service provider, is working on a project in the education vertical that could help a school district recover $30 million in state aid. Read More

Hackers arrested in Three mobile upgrade scam

18 Nov 2016

Three men arrested in connection with mobile handset upgrade fraud enabled by unauthorised access to customer data Read More

Microsoft Government Community Cloud adds Teams, Dynamics 365

15 Mar 2019

U.S. government agencies are undergoing a digital transformation, and Microsoft hopes that upgrades to its Government Cloud lineup will make its platform part of that change. Read More