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Tetration Analytics upgrade made affordable for midsize companies

03 Feb 2017

Cisco has added policy-enforcement capabilities to the latest version of the Tetration Analytics engine. The upgrade also includes a cheaper version for midsize companies. Read More

UAE’s Habitat School Ajman upgrades wireless network

02 May 2017

School upgrades Wi-Fi network to cope with the increasing amount of academic activity that is conducted online Read More

Prices and unnecessary upgrades push consumers to buy second-hand mobile devices

27 Sep 2017

People in the UK are growing tired of regular upgrade cycles for mobile devices Read More

Puppet Enterprise features appeal, but upgrades a roadblock

21 Oct 2016

Puppet Enterprise got a brush-up at PuppetConf, with features users are excited to try, but a complex upgrade process may stand in their way. Read More

Why a VMware certification is still a valuable asset

29 Mar 2019

In the cloud era, renewing or upgrading a VMware certification might feel like a waste of time, effort and money. But for some admins, it might still be a good idea. Read More

Simple steps to follow for an Oracle 12c upgrade

27 Jan 2017

The time to upgrade your Oracle database to the 12c version is now, DBA Brian Peasland says. And it's easy to do via the command line in Oracle's Database Upgrade Assistant. Read More

What hardware can I use in an Open19 rack?

27 Mar 2019

Open19 is a partnership that guides organizations to use open source rack servers. The organization's cages, power shelves and network switches make upgrades easy. Read More

EDF Energy upgrades network with Vodafone

08 Jun 2016

EDF Energy signs a 10-year, multi-million pound contract with Vodafone to update its communications and IT infrastructure to support training and compliance Read More

Medical group upgrades hospital Wi-Fi from Cisco to Aruba

12 Apr 2017

The 28-building Medical Center Health System in Odessa, Texas, replaced its Cisco hospital Wi-Fi network and moved to Aruba to handle user growth, boost performance, plan for IoT and move toward mobile-first. Read More

Azure upgrades flesh out platform, improve throughput

30 Sep 2016

A number of Azure upgrades rolled out by Microsoft this week aim to fill gaps in the service and solidify the platform as the biggest competitor to Amazon Web Services. Read More