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Business secretary calls for national broadband upgrade

28 Sep 2016

In a speech to the Institute of Directors’ annual conference, Greg Clark calls for a major broadband upgrade to support the reinvention of the government’s industrial strategy Read More

Does your unified communications platform need an upgrade?

05 Jan 2017

When a unified communications platform lacks up-to-date functionalities or reaches its end of life, enterprises need to research other vendors and products to upgrade UC systems. Read More

How can I prevent data loss during a Linux distribution upgrade?

05 Apr 2017

It's important to prevent data loss during a Linux OS upgrade. How can partitions or disk drives help IT teams meet that goal? Read More

Decide whether a vSphere 6.5 U1 upgrade is worth the effort

06 Nov 2017

VSphere 6.5 Update 1 includes changes to VMware's HCL list, the discontinuation of third-party switches, a new HTML5-based vSphere Client and more. Read More

Ensure software and hardware get along after a VDI platform upgrade

03 Apr 2017

IT admins must be careful when handling VDI upgrades, because platform vendors and certain endpoint devices don't always play nice together. Read More

Essex hospital trust upgrades IT infrastructure

20 Sep 2016

Mid Essex NHS Trust upgrades its storage infrastructure to keep up with increasing volumes of data Read More

Avoid Win10 Upgrade Tricks

25 May 2016

MS has rigged Windows Update to incent, incite and perhaps even trick users into upgrading to Windows 10. Read about their known Win10 upgrade tricks! Read More

Why Upgrade Windows 7 to 10: Updates

23 May 2016

Paul Thurrott has a killer reason to upgrade Windows 7 to 10: time. A clean Windows 7 install takes a long day but less than 1 hour for Windows 10. Read More

IT pros must adapt to Azure certification path changes

27 Feb 2019

Microsoft reworked its Azure certifications recently and offers an upgrade path for IT pros with older credentials, but there is little time before the transition tests expire. Read More

Oracle 19c database software promises stability, compatibility

13 Mar 2019

Oracle Database 19c offers automatic indexing and support for external data partitions but carries upgrade issues like apps certification and index creation agreement. Read More