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Trump 2020 budget calls for more RPA, better CX

12 Mar 2019

The Trump 2020 budget calls for ways to upgrade the consumer experience with RPA and user-friendly interfaces. But legacy systems continue to take the lion's share of IT funds. Read More

Barracuda storage swims with hardware, software upgrades

10 Sep 2016

Customers of Barracuda Networks just received some welcome news. In tandem with an upcoming software release, the backup specialist gave a 25% capacity boost to one of its midrange disk-based ... Read More

What are the top 3 benefits of NFV technology?

13 Dec 2018

The use of standard hardware, consolidation of network functions and machines, and flexible system upgrades are some of the key benefits of NFV technology. Read More

Thorough network upgrade underpins University of Law’s IT

06 Mar 2017

Legal education specialist the University of Law has undertaken a multi-million pound future IT project to refresh its networks, Wi-Fi and datacentre infrastructures across multiple locations Read More

Microsoft Government Community Cloud adds Teams, Dynamics 365

15 Mar 2019

U.S. government agencies are undergoing a digital transformation, and Microsoft hopes that upgrades to its Government Cloud lineup will make its platform part of that change. Read More

Potential 1809 Admin Lockout Discovered

07 Jan 2019

Zounds. Japanese researchers find another 1809 upgrade gotcha. With a potential 1809 admin lockout discovered, workarounds or deferrals are necessary. Read More

New SQL Server 2017 features give good reasons for fast upgrades

28 Jul 2017

The new SQL Server 2017 adds support for Linux and a variety of other new features that could justify upgrades to the revamped database platform, even coming so soon after the 2016 release. Read More

Service Cloud Lightning upgrades give agents improved UI, mobile app

27 Jul 2017

With the latest upgrades, Service Cloud Lightning enables easier contact center customization and provides a mobile app for agents. Read More

SaaS-based ERP upgrades not an automatic no-brainer

05 Aug 2016

Software as a service can ease the pain of ERP upgrades, but that doesn't mean users never have a choice to make. Still, some users like leaving it up to the vendor. Read More

Getting stuck on OpenStack: Overcoming the open source cloud platform's upgrade barriers

25 Jul 2017

Some members of the OpenStack community are finding it a struggle to upgrade to newer versions of the open source cloud operating system. Could customisation be to blame? Read More