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Upgrade ESX to ESXi hosts in seven steps

27 Jun 2016

The upgrade from ESX to ESXi hosts can be difficult; no current tools convert hosts for you and you can't preserve manual configurations. But there are ways to ease the process. Read More

Win10 1809 Publicly Available

19 Dec 2018

With Win10 1809 publicly available through Windows Update, admins should formulate a workable recovery strategy in case one or more such upgrades go sideways. Here's how. Read More

MS Backs Off Forcing Updates

04 Apr 2019

In a surprising but welcome move, MS Corporate VP for Windows Mike Fortin announces that, starting with the next feature upgrade, MS backs off forcing updates on users. All I can say is: "Hooray!" Read More

Adobe Document Cloud adds mobile scan, upgrades e-signature software

15 Jun 2017

Adobe rounds out its cloud suite with Adobe Scan, which allows mobile employees to capture documents and images and turn them into searchable PDFs, and enhancements to Adobe Sign. Read More

Five signs it's time to upgrade your VDI software

03 Oct 2016

If your VDI software doesn't support the latest hardware, or if it won't scale, it might be time to upgrade. Learn about some other signs to keep an eye out for. Read More

PowerCLI 6.5 adds new cmdlets, upgrades existing options

31 Mar 2017

You can now move virtual machines between vCenter instances that aren't a part of the same single sign-on domain with the upgraded PowerCLI cmdlets. Read More

Use an in-place upgrade to repair Windows 10

16 Jun 2016

If your Windows 10 installation has gone wonky and needs some attention, one way to fix it is with an in-place upgrade to the same version of Windows you already use. Read More

How do you upgrade a stand-alone host to ESXi 6.5?

30 Mar 2017

Upgrading a stand-alone host to ESXi 6.5 is as easy as downloading the offline bundle update, starting Secure Shell and running a few commands with the ESXi software command tool set. Read More

Microsoft facing $5m class action over Windows 10 upgrades

28 Mar 2017

Three Windows users are attempting to claim $5m in damages from Microsoft for problems caused by faulty Windows 10 upgrades Read More

Which? calls for user compensation over Windows 10 upgrade issues

22 Sep 2016

Consumer rights champion’s research shows 12% of Windows 10 users have downgraded to an older version of the software because of troublesome updates Read More