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HPE flash upgrade covers 3PAR, MSA, new Nimble array

25 May 2017

Hewlett Packard Enterprise previews flash upgrades to 3PAR StoreServe and hybrid MSA systems, plus its first Nimble Storage array for reusing backup and copy data. Read More

VMware Horizon 7.2 comes hot on the heels of 7.1 with major upgrades

01 Aug 2017

Just months after the release of Horizon 7.1, VMware's back at it with version 7.2, and this release comes with capacity improvements and a new tool for support personnel. Read More

If a Win10 Upgrade Fails, Then What?

14 Aug 2015

The question that entitles today's blog post turns out to be more than fuel for idle speculation. I recently spent 9-plus hours trying to upgrade my Lenovo X220 Tablet from Windows 8.1 to Windows ... Read More

Upgrade considerations for a blade server vs. rack server

25 Aug 2016

Blade servers and rack servers aren't designed the same, which means the refresh process varies for each. Explore the different upgrade considerations for memory, storage and more. Read More

What vCenter Server upgrade options does vSphere 6.5 offer?

23 Feb 2017

VSphere 6.5 offers three different options for upgrading vCenter Server; which option you choose depends upon your environment's architecture. Read More

Adobe Magento Commerce Cloud adds progressive web apps

28 Jan 2019

Adobe is upgrading its e-commerce product by adding AI-fueled image-search capabilities and progressive web application building tools to Magento Commerce Cloud. Read More

Should admins consider an Exchange 2016 upgrade?

21 Dec 2015

Microsoft released Exchange 2016, but older versions may win out. No matter the version, admins should prioritize Exchange security in 2016. Read More

Should businesses upgrade to Windows 10?

20 Jul 2015

Many organisations skipped the PC-unfriendly Windows 8 release. But Windows 10 is far more enterprise-focused Read More

5 questions to ask before piloting AI for IIoT analytics

06 Dec 2018

Artificial intelligence and industrial IoT can generate more revenue without further investment or infrastructure upgrades. But before diving in, says Plutoshift's Prateek Joshi, ask yourself these ... Read More

Can ZCryptor ransomware be stopped by upgrading to Windows 10?

09 Nov 2016

ZCryptor ransomware can self-replicate through autorun files placed on removable storage devices. Expert Nick Lewis explains how your enterprise can mitigate this risk. Read More