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Singapore invests S$200m to upgrade supercomputing capabilities

12 Mar 2019

The investment will shore up Singapore’s supercomputing prowess to facilitate research collaboration, as well as address national and business challenges Read More

AMD flags server upgrade opportunity

16 Oct 2018

Old kit with increasing security issues is a target for the channel to go after Read More

Cloud AutoML, BigQuery ML upgrades expand Google stake in ML

10 Apr 2019

Google introduced a raft of updates to its cloud-based machine learning and AI products, including expanded capabilities for its AutoML and BigQuery ML tools. Read More

Minimize downtime during a data center upgrade

11 Oct 2018

End users don't want their productivity interrupted by IT maintenance. With the right technology, testing and planning, you can reduce or eliminate downtime in the data center. Read More

Salesforce e-commerce upgrades put focus on mobile

14 Jan 2019

Salesforce Commerce Cloud mobile-centric, consumer-focused upgrade unveiled at NRF 2019 conference, including Einstein Visual Search and Einstein Recommendations. Read More

Google Cloud Speech-to-Text, Text-to-Speech see upgrades

22 Feb 2019

Google upgrades its cloud-based speech and text products with higher accuracy levels, new WaveNet voice options and support for several new languages. Read More

Upgrades to on-premises Avaya products will be released in bits

22 Feb 2019

Feature upgrades for on-premises Avaya products will roll out in 'very small, manageable' chunks moving forward, the company said. Avaya is looking to more closely align its on-premises and cloud portfolios. Read More

Options for deferring or upgrading to S/4 Hana

22 Nov 2018

Businesses on SAP ERP Core Component software will need to consider what they plan to do after 2025. We investigate the options open to them Read More

Finland invests in IT to upgrade electricity network

21 Nov 2018

National electricity transmission grid operator Fingrid’s Datahub system will play key role in retail market’s transition to a centralised information exchange Read More

School adopts Wi-Fi 6 in early Wi-Fi upgrade case study

30 May 2019

High-capacity wireless can help close the gap between urban and rural schools. Here's how an aggressive Wi-Fi upgrade strategy helped one district meet its community's needs. Read More