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Microsoft offers few upgrades for Skype server in 2019

12 Dec 2019

Microsoft has eschewed investments in Skype server in the hopes of convincing more customers to adopt cloud-based Microsoft Teams. Read More

AI usage in healthcare upgrades imaging, analytics, automation

05 Dec 2019

Computer vision, deep learning and automation are making greater inroads into radiology, robot-assisted surgeries, virtual nursing assistants and fraud detection. Read More

Oaktree Capital Management invests in upgraded backup

06 Nov 2019

Switching to Veritas NetBackup let Oaktree perform hourly backups instead of daily, greatly reducing risk of data loss during restores. Oaktree also uses Data Insight for audits. Read More

Follow these guidelines for a successful ERP upgrade project

05 Nov 2019

Get a handle on the time and cost variables of upgrading an ERP system and stay laser focused on value drivers, like analytics, that have the biggest impact on business strategy. Read More

Southwest Airlines upgrades its internal mobility

24 Oct 2019

Southwest Airlines wants to improve its internal hiring. It is now applying external recruiting practices internally in the hopes of growing employee awareness of new jobs. Read More

Post Upgrade Windows 10 Update Assistant Cleanup

18 Nov 2019

For those who use this tool, a post upgrade Windows 10 Update Assistant cleanup is a good idea. You'll free up 20+ MB of disk space, lose an unneeded root level folder, and be ready for next time. Read More

Tableau analytics platform upgrades driven by user needs

15 Nov 2019

In a Q&A, Tableau chief technology officer Andrew Beers talks about the driving factors behind recent product upgrades centered around data management and augmented intelligence. Read More

How to upgrade from VCSA 6.5 to 6.7 -- both online and off

11 Nov 2019

Use the online VCSA management interface, VAMI, or an ISO file from VMware to get started with your online or offline VCSA upgrade. Read More

Voss upgrades migration to unified communications software

14 Oct 2019

In an effort to ease the switch from legacy telephone systems to a more modern unified communications platform, Voss has launched its latest UC software, M2UC. Read More

Tableau analytics platform gets AI, data management upgrades

13 Nov 2019

Augmented intelligence, improved data management capabilities and a tool to monitor KPIs are at the core of improvements unveiled by Tableau on Wednesday. Read More