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An overview of VMware snapshots and how to manage them

20 Nov 2019

In a VMware environment, you can use a snapshot to save a short-term image of a VM prior to patches or upgrades. However, too many snapshots can cause performance issues. Read More

Upgrades for the SharePoint Online portal

31 Jan 2018

As more organizations migrate SharePoint sites to the cloud, Microsoft has increased at-a-glance dashboard data and analytics to show admins how top-performing content measures up. Read More

Plymouth’s Derriford Hospital has capacity to spare after HSCN upgrade

08 Nov 2018

University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust is unleashing the potential of digital for health after fixing up its internet connectivity with an upgrade to the new Health and Social Care Network Read More

7 features for managing Windows 10 updates and upgrades

02 Aug 2018

Managing updates and upgrades in Windows 10 is tough. Fortunately, Microsoft includes seven features in the OS, including SetupDiag, that IT pros can use to simplify both processes. Read More

Box workflow gets upgrade with Progressly purchase

05 Jun 2018

Box is hoping to upgrade its workflow capabilities by adding the startup Progressly to its team, while also still partnering with IBM on a separate workflow product, called Relay. Read More

Fixing Win10 Upgrade Stuck on Restart Issues

01 Aug 2018

When it comes to fixing Win10 Upgrade stuck on Restart, there are several techniques that can put things back to rights. I usually start with WUMT then move onto a full-blown WU reset maneuver. One ... Read More

Reduce update-related downtime after a Windows 10 OS upgrade

14 Sep 2018

Windows 10 updates are a necessary evil, as they add new features and improve security, but also cause downtime for users. IT can downplay the negative effects of updates. Read More

1809 MiniITX PC Gets 1903 Update Offer

24 Jul 2019

As an experiment, I left my wife's 2012 vintage PC at 1809 to see when it might get an upgrade offer. Today (July 24) her 1809 MiniITX PC gets 1903 update offer, and that upgrade succeeds! Read More

ADP DataCloud makes its data easier to use

11 Nov 2019

ADP DataCloud has an upgrade that includes what it calls 'mashup' capabilities. This will make it easier for customers to overlay business data and use third-party systems, such as Tableau. Read More

VMware unveils host of cloud-based apps for new hybrid cloud

26 Aug 2019

The company's VMworld announcements included Project Pacific, a rearchitecting of vSphere, and upgrades to its VMware vRealize suite and CloudHealth. Read More