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Data center performance requirements spur 25 GbE upgrades

14 Aug 2019

Enterprises are upgrading their data centers with 25 GbE to achieve better throughput and support I/O-intensive applications. Here are some best practices for making the switch. Read More

SolarWinds releases slew of network management upgrades

05 Jun 2019

SolarWinds has made a host of changes to its network management portfolio, including adding Network Insight for Palo Alto Networks and centralized upgrades, among others. Read More

Independent vendors Qlik, MicroStrategy upgrade BI platforms

02 Jul 2019

Independent business intelligence and analytics vendors Qlik and MicroStrategy update their platforms in a move to stay ahead of their competition. Read More

Pica8 PicOS upgrade enhances network security

27 Jun 2019

Pica8 claims its PicOS network operating system will address rising security and efficiency challenges with its new network access control integrations. Read More

New upgrades added to Ujet customer service platform

25 Jun 2019

Ujet has added a handful of new features, such as workforce management, quality management and CRM to its Customer Support Platform. Read More

Arrcus upgrades ArcOS to support Jericho2-based routers

25 Jul 2019

Arrcus' latest version of ArcOS supports Broadcom's Jericho2 chipset for switches and routers aimed at 5G networks, hyperscale cloud and the edge. Read More

Istio service mesh hits OpenShift GA, but upgrades are slow

22 Aug 2019

Istio service mesh, Kiali and Jaeger are generally available for Red Hat OpenShift 4, but it will be some time before users are ready for the latest version of the platform. Read More

Endpoint security tools get an essential upgrade

17 May 2019

Malware, APTs and other threats are getting smarter, but so are endpoint detection and response products. Learn what the latest versions can do to keep threats away. Read More

Consider compute and storage before a vSphere 6.7 upgrade

19 Jun 2019

Compatibility issues can arise during a VMware infrastructure upgrade. Consider HCI platforms and vSAN when looking to upgrade, and know your storage and compute lifecycles. Read More

BlueJeans Events, meetings mobile app receive upgrades

12 Jun 2019

BlueJeans Network has launched user experience updates, among others, to its BlueJeans Events software, as well as the BlueJeans meetings mobile application. Read More