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Why You Need to Accelerate Your Contract Experience: Empowering Sales and Legal Teams to Collaborate

sponsored by Conga Published: 22 Mar 2019 White Paper

What do sales teams and legal teams have in common? Contracts. In this white paper, explore how an effective contract management system can help sales and legal teams alike, and explore how a contract management ...

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DevOps Challenges and Version Control: The 2018 Report

sponsored by Perforce Published: 31 Dec 2018 White Paper

Read through these survey results to find what DevOps professionals are looking for in version control software, and learn about the bottlenecks in your DevOps process that a VCS will help you remove.

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IBM ClearCase to Helix Core Migration Guide

sponsored by Perforce Published: 28 Feb 2019 White Paper

If your organization is currently planning a version control system change, read this article on what you'll need to do to prepare for the migration.

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ClearCase to Helix Core Migration Planning Checklist

sponsored by Perforce Published: 05 Apr 2019 White Paper

Check out this version control checklist to see what capabilities you could gain from a new version control system, and how to orchestrate your migration.

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Transitioning to Agile in a Safety-Critical Environment

sponsored by Perforce Published: 09 Apr 2019 White Paper

It's truly impossible to keep up with competition if you're not using a faster development methodology such as Agile. Read this whitepaper to learn how to mitigate Agile adoption concerns such as documentation and ...

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Versioning Best Practices for Embedded Systems Development

sponsored by Perforce Published: 08 Apr 2019 White Paper

It turns out version control is the foundation for automated, streamlined product delivery. In this eBook, learn proven version control strategies that help teams ship products faster and achieve continuous ...

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Perforce Helix Core vs. Subversion

sponsored by Perforce Published: 04 Apr 2019 White Paper

Read this whitepaper to learn more about your options for high-performing and scalable version control systems, and why they have become absolutely critical for any DevOps team.

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