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Cloudinary: video won't kill the web developer star (AI will save the day)

By Adrian Bridgwater 03 Dec 2019

We live in a world of data, this much we already know. But in that world of data, some of it is structured well-ordered [database] information, some of it is semi-structured information that falls ... Read More

Five RESTful web service client examples for developers

By Cameron McKenzie 23 Apr 2019

Explore your web service client invocation options with these five examples that enable developers to perform this task at any stage of development. Read More

Ionic 4 taps Web Components for mobile app development

By Darryl K. Taft 08 Feb 2019

Ionic 4, a rebuilt version of Ionic's web and mobile development platform, conforms to the Web Components standard and expands support to all popular JavaScript frameworks. Read More

The best web programming languages for development

By Chris Tozzi 16 Apr 2018

Many technologies have emerged to facilitate browser-based development. Here, we look at those technologies in an effort to identify the best web programming languages of today. Read More

Top 5 ways to deploy a WAR file to Tomcat

By Cameron McKenzie 18 Dec 2019

If you want to develop web applications and Apache Tomcat is your target web server, you need to know how to deploy WAR files to Tomcat so you can see if your applications function at runtime. Here ... Read More

With progressive web applications, developers blur the lines

By Phil Sweeney 06 Jul 2018

With progressive web applications, single-page apps, motion UI and other innovations, app development meets the moment, giving users what they want, where they want it. Read More

Web app development morphs as apps and websites merge

By Jan Stafford 06 Jul 2018

The lines between web and mobile app and websites are blurring, so development silos are out, and boning up on building progressive web apps and single-page apps is in. Read More

Klarna uses AWS cloud as it moves from startup to global fintech force

By Karl Flinders 03 Dec 2019

Swedish fintech cements its relationship with Amazon Web Services to speed up product development and support its global expansion Read More

Salesforce moves Lightning Web Components to open source

By Darryl K. Taft 07 Jun 2019

Salesforce contributed its low-code web development framework to the open source community to bring more developers with new ideas into its fold. Read More

Progressive web apps drive mobile development of the future

By Erica Mixon 26 Mar 2018

Progressive web apps offer many benefits, leading organizations to take advantage of this trend in mobile app dev. A lack of Apple support stands in the way for some, however. Read More