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Build 1709 Gains Easier Update Log Access

By Ed Tittel 13 Oct 2017

The next upcoming Win10 release Build 1709 gains easier Update log access, thanks to automatic symbol resolution for event trace log files. Read More

KB4057291 Fixes Win10 AMD GPU Issues

By Ed Tittel 20 Dec 2017

To address widely-reported issues with black screens, multiple monitors, and resolution settings, KB4057291 fixes Win10 AMD GPU issues. Read More

Windows application management software comes to IT's aid

By John Powers 25 Apr 2018

Application management software is a necessity for organizational continuity and security. Without any such software, absent patches threaten end users' applications. Read More

Stopping EternalBlue: Can the next Windows 10 update help?

By Judith Myerson 18 Aug 2017

The upcoming Windows update, Redstone 3, will patch the vulnerability that enables EternalBlue exploits. Expert Judith Myerson discusses protection methods to use until the update. Read More

Five Windows 10 2018 resolutions to follow

By Eddie Lockhart 18 Dec 2017

IT pros who emphasize these resolutions in 2018, including a focus on the easy-to-overlook security holes in Windows 10, will have a great year ahead. Read More

How to make sense of desktop as a service

By Tim Anderson 30 Jul 2018

Does it make sense to move the desktop to the cloud? We look at DaaS and VDI Read More

Apparent Win10 Defender Update Issues Illusory

By Ed Tittel 05 Apr 2017

Recent cumulative updates have led to reports of Windows Defender update errors. Fortunately, these apparent Win10 Defender Update issues are illusory. Read More

Fixing Win10 Volsnap.sys Issues

By Ed Tittel 27 Oct 2017

With the right ingredients, fixing Win10 Volsnap.sys issues turns out to be both quick and simple. Read More

Get started with SQL Operations Studio in 7 steps

By Michael Otey 14 Aug 2018

Microsoft's newest tool, SQL Operations Studio, provides DBAs with a free, lightweight option for managing SQL Server and Azure databases. Use these tips when trying it out. Read More

In Windows 10 Fix-Its MIA

By Ed Tittel 10 Aug 2016

For older Windows versions, MS offers online "fix-it" tools to address tricky issues. In Windows 10 Fix-Its MIA (missing in action) is the norm. Here's why. Read More