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Why Upgrade Windows 7 to 10: Updates

By Ed Tittel 23 May 2016

Paul Thurrott has a killer reason to upgrade Windows 7 to 10: time. A clean Windows 7 install takes a long day but less than 1 hour for Windows 10. Read More

What does the future of VDI hold in 2017?

By Eddie Lockhart 27 Dec 2016

One expert believes 2017 will see VDI shops shift their attention toward graphics-intensive apps and a more widespread adoption of desktop as a service. Read More

Monthly Windows rollup: Simplification or loss of patching control?

By Michael Heller 14 Sep 2016

Microsoft's Patch Tuesday will change drastically in October, and experts disagree whether the new monthly Windows rollup will make patching simpler or more of a hassle. Read More

Common Amazon EBS performance issues, and how to troubleshoot them

By Kurt Marko 15 Dec 2017

Having EBS trouble? You're not alone. Use these troubleshooting tips to work through common EBS issues, such as stuck volumes and slow performance. Read More

Troubleshoot a faulty Amazon VPC connection

By Stephen J. Bigelow 25 Jan 2016

Many businesses prefer to operate some of their workloads within an Amazon VPC. While VPC offers an additional layer of security, connectivity issues could arise. Read More

Anniversary Update Post-Install Cleanup

By Ed Tittel 03 Aug 2016

On August 2, MS made the Anniversary Update available through various means. Alas, some Anniversary Update post-install cleanup seems required. Read More

Working Around Win10/8 Gotchas

By Ed Tittel 12 Jun 2015

What with running two Win10 test machines -- a desktop and tablet/convertible -- I've been banging up against the limits of this new software from time to time, and have had to refurbish some ... Read More

Boot Win10 From USB Media

By Ed Tittel 07 Sep 2016

When SSDs and fast boot settings are normal for PCs, booting from alternate sources is tricky. Here's how to boot Win10 from USB media using OS directives. Read More

How do CloudWatch logging features track resources?

By Stephen J. Bigelow 14 Apr 2016

Between our on-premises and in-cloud resources, our hybrid infrastructure produces a multitude of logs. How can we use Amazon CloudWatch to aggregate and visualize logs? Read More

Five data center certifications admins need to know

By Stephen J. Bigelow 13 Jan 2017

Data center certifications, including those from VMware and Cisco, can provide a career boost for admins. Consider taking one of these five exams to expand your knowledge. Read More