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The Pink Elephant in the room: 10 Things we think but keep to ourselves

By Michael Thomason 15 Jul 2014

App Virtualization does not solve application delivery problems. Read More

Exam 70-625 TS: Connected Home Integrator

By Ed Tittel 21 Nov 2008

At last, a Vista exam title that you can get out of your mouth out loud without having to stop halfway through to draw breath! That said, this Technology Specialist exam is not without some ... Read More

Mobile Data Loss: Threats and Countermeasures

24 Apr 2017

In this excerpt from chapter three of Mobile Data Loss, author Michael T. Raggo discusses mobile security countermeasures. Read More

Hooray: USB-to-IDE/SATA Converter is a Cheap, Effective Hardware Item

By Ed Tittel 10 Jan 2011

Last spring, my sister announced to me that she'd purchased her son a Dell Latitude C610 notebook on eBay for around $200. "Did I do the right thing?" she asked. "I don't know," I said, "let's see ... Read More

Top iPhone apps for Windows admins: iPowerShell

16 Sep 2010

This free Windows app gives admins PowerShell 2.0 knowledge straight from their iPhones. It includes advanced search capabilities and detailed cmdlet information. Read More

Troubleshooting Windows 7 issues using online resources

16 Sep 2009

This list of reputable online resources helps you quickly troubleshoot Windows 7 problems. You'll also find tips on using System Restore and System Recovery Options. Read More

Will IT generalists replace network engineering jobs?

By Chuck Moozakis 01 Jun 2015

Network engineering jobs have moved from crimping cable to managing traffic between VMs. Software-everything means another seismic shift. Is the network engineer still relevant? Read More

IT pros welcome Dell’s foray into consumerization

By James Furbush 12 Dec 2012

Despite a late start, new Dell support services and client devices could help Dell make a splash in the consumerization era. Read More

Why the simple Windows 8 Metro interface may not benefit users

By Kevin Beaver 07 Jun 2012

For IT administrators, less isn't always more. The simplified Windows 8 Metro interface may frustrate users and do more harm than good for desktop security. Read More

Lots More Goodies at the MS Download Center

By Ed Tittel 28 Oct 2009

I was expecting more stuff to hit the MS Download center in the wake of the Windows 7/Windows Server 2008 R2 release last Thursday (10/22/2009) and boy, was I right. Check out the "new items" page ... Read More