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Windows 7 hardware requirements and tools: Study guide

15 Feb 2010

This study guide tests solutions providers' knowledge of Windows 7 hardware requirements and provides resources on Windows 7 tools, upgrades and licensing. Read More

Using Wireshark: Reviewing four key Wireshark features

By Brad Casey 07 Feb 2014

Become familiar with four Wireshark features network security pros value in this packet-capturing analytics tool. Read More

Top five Group Policy improvements in Windows Server 2012

By Jonathan Hassell 25 Apr 2012

What's changed with Active Directory Group Policy in Windows Server 2012? Get an idea of some of the improvements in this tip. Read More

Top 10 consumerization and BYOD tips of 2012

By Colin Steele 06 Dec 2012

This year's most popular tips will help you get a handle on major consumerization of IT trends, including BYOD and cloud file-sharing. Read More

How to troubleshoot DNS server failures

By Brien Posey 06 Oct 2008

DNS server failures are one of the most critical types of malfunctions on a Windows network. Learn a basic knowledge of troubleshooting techniques and how to execute quick tests to narrow down the cause of DNS ... Read More

Top 10 server virtualization news stories of 2011

By Colin Steele 20 Dec 2011

New technologies, new products and new controversies made headlines in 2011. Find out which made our list of the top server virtualization news. Read More

Analyzing the Windows Intune value proposition

By Paul DeGroot 27 Apr 2011

Windows Intune is touted for its promising feature set and price. But a closer look at the cloud-based antivirus product might make admins think twice about investing in it. Read More

Deploying Windows 7: Four hardware-based lessons we've learned

By Jonathan Hassell 23 May 2012

When you deploy Windows 8, remember what you learned from your Windows 7 implementation. Windows 7 taught us to use SSDs and that a hardware upgrade isn't always necessary. Read More

Tips for desktop virtualization in the enterprise

11 Dec 2008

Learn about desktop virtualization in the enterprise with tips on virtualization tools, applications, management and how to improve your virtual desktop environment. Read More

What is the best way to test Exchange 2010 server health?

By Andy Grogan 21 Feb 2013

An admin wants to know what his options are when it comes to checking Exchange 2010 server health. Our expert offers two suggestions. Read More