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A virtualized data center is a happy data center, says survey

By Paul Korzeniowski 15 Oct 2012

Enterprises now run more than half of their applications in virtualized data centers, and the number continues to grow. Read More

Part 3: Diagnose database problems with Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant

18 Dec 2007

Use the free Microsoft Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant tool to identify database mounting failures and repair Exchange Server database problems quickly. Read More

Top reseller resources

01 Aug 2008

These guides, tutorials, chapter downloads and other how-tos are the most popular reseller resources we offer across our network of channel sites. Find out how you could be offering more to your customers with help... Read More

Using Microsoft PerfView to profile process performance data

By Bruce Mackenzie-Low 20 Feb 2012

Microsoft made its internal performance monitoring tool available to the public. Here's how it offers an advanced peek at application processes. Read More

Stylish SQL Server hardware every well-dressed computer is wearing

By Don Jones 12 Jul 2011

You want your SQL Server computer in top shape, so dress it in the newest duds. Learn about the latest trends in SQL Server hardware and make your server the talk of the town. Read More

MDOP for Windows 7 due this month

20 Oct 2009

Microsoft will follow its Windows 7 launch this week with a new version of its Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) that includes an App-V service pack. Read More

Using system properties to configure Windows 7 options

11 Aug 2010

The system properties dialogue box in Windows 7 is split up into five tabs that let you change your customer's computer name or dual-boot settings. Read More

Top Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) scripting books, websites

By Mitch Tulloch 06 Jan 2009

Once you've learned how to write Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) scripts to manage various aspects of Windows-based networks, check out the top resources recommended for your study. In this tip, Mitch ... Read More

Doing more with a smaller IT budget: What to scale back on to save

By Gary Olsen 19 Jan 2009

Have you been asked to do more with a smaller budget? Learn where IT managers can cut back to save money without making an impact on Windows shop efficiency. Read More

Part 2: Manage mail flow with Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant

17 Dec 2007

Learn how to use the free Microsoft Exchange Troubleshooting Assistant tool to diagnose and fix mail flow issues in an Exchange Server email environment. Read More