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How to fix DNS servers on a Windows network

By Brien Posey 14 Oct 2008

Learn how to recover from DNS failures in this tip. Read More

WAN application performance management: Automate or control?

By Jessica Scarpati 22 Sep 2010

Some IT pros like WAN monitoring tools that alert them to poor WAN application performance but stop there. For others, appliances that automate the fix make troubleshooting easier. Read More

Other virtualisation training courses

21 Sep 2010

Find the latest on upcoming virtualisation courses in the UK with these listings from the virtualisation training course overview, including information on Sun and Red Hat virtualisation and cloud computing courses. Read More

Deciphering the extend.dat Outlook error message

By Serdar Yegulalp 21 Apr 2011

Frustrated admins have been dealing with extend.dat error messages since Outlook 97. Our expert sheds some light on this all-too-common Outlook error. Read More

I wandered lonely as a (managed) cloud service

By Adrian Bridgwater 25 May 2011

Rackspace has opened up its new managed support option to its UK cloud service. Read More

Windows VPN client side troubleshooting

29 Apr 2007

This tip discusses several techniques for troubleshooting a Windows 2000 VPN connection on the client side. Read More

Hyper-V recovery: Top tips for restoring Hyper-V virtual machines

By Rob McShinsky 18 Apr 2011

Good backups are only one half of a solid data protection plan. Check out our best tips for solving common Hyper-V recovery problems. Read More

The More Things You Change, The More Attentive You Must Be!

By Ed Tittel 06 Jun 2012

File this one under the heading of "Another Windows war story." It dwells on strange shenanigans, and lessons learned, in switching over from an old, familiar, and reasonably stable desktop to a ... Read More

Storage roundup: Company cuts backup window from five days to 12 hours

By Antony Adshead 28 Jul 2011

Storage roundup: Finance co. cuts backup window from five days to 12 hours; NetApp goes to the zoo; Balesio launches new version; tape storage still key, says survey; and more. Read More

Better networking strategies for virtual server environments

By Stephen J. Bigelow 01 May 2010

With more workloads residing on fewer physical host servers, data center managers need help locating and correcting problems quickly. Read More