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The 2012 summer reading list for IT pros

By Ben Rubenstein 06 Jun 2012

From an IT detective story to the tale of the world's most wanted hacker, these 10 books will feed your need for tech this summer. Read More

Debugging Windows client logon delays: Narrowing the scope

By Gary Olsen 21 Jul 2009

There are several potential causes of slow client logons. The question is, once you find the source, how do you fix it? Read More

Troubleshooting Jet session issues for Active Directory databases

By Gary Olsen 17 Aug 2010

Unbeknownst to some admins, issues related to Jet sessions can cause Active Directory database performance problems. Learn what to look for -- and how to fix what you find. Read More

ORA-01017 error when connecting to Oracle XE with SQL*Plus

By Maria Anderson 12 Apr 2007

I have installed Oracle XE successfully. When I connect on the server, everything works, but when I try to connect from Windows XP client using SQL*Plus, I get the error "ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon... Read More

How to handle the server backup process in the virtual, physical world

By David Davis 03 Dec 2012

Virtualized backup tools sport unique features but lack the functionality necessary to handle the physical server backup process. Read More

Process Monitor tool gets around shortcomings of Microsoft Windows

02 May 2007

The Windows operating system does not provide a troubleshooting tool that allows you to clean up a system infected with malware, see how your files have changed or monitor registry processes and threads. ... Read More

InteropNet can deploy IPv6, and you should too

By Tessa Parmenter 20 May 2011

At Interop Las Vegas 2011, lead network engineer Glenn Evans of InteropNet—the network that supports the conference—learned to deploy IPv6. See what he learned in this Q&A. Read More

Shared storage considerations: Management, throughput, costs

By Stephen J. Bigelow 11 May 2011

Shared storage is ideal for virtualization storage because it allows for VM flexibility. Many admins are turning to network-attached storage for easier setup and management. Read More

Understand Windows tracert output to troubleshoot network connectivity

By Brien Posey 16 Jun 2009

Troubleshooting network connectivity from the command line interface using the traceroute (tracert) command won't solve problems if you don't know what the output results mean. This tip examines each line of the ... Read More

Expert releases tools to demystify Group Policy

By Margie Semilof 05 Mar 2007

Getting the most from Group Policy is tough for IT managers if they don't stay on top of it. One expert has launched his own products to help simplify the process. Read More