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New technology may shorten your next technology refresh plan

By Paul Korzeniowski 28 Aug 2012

Get ready for a shorter technology refresh cycle. Unified computing, virtualization and automation are changing the timeline. Read More

Return-all-values script: Managing Windows networks using scripts, Part 13

By Mitch Tulloch 19 Nov 2008

One way to manage your Windows network is through scripts. The particular workhorse script described in this tip can return all values of all properties of a specific instance of a Windows Management ... Read More

Employee social networks: How one call center made it work

By Lena J. Weiner 05 Dec 2013

Employee social networks: Improving collaboration and solving problems together? Or a giant waste of time? Read how one call center made it work. Read More

More Interesting Windows Network Troubleshooting

By Ed Tittel 14 Jun 2010

OK, so I had to replace my trusty HP EX-475 MediaSmart Server because its network interface was stuck in beaconing mode. That is, as soon as I plugged the GbE interface for the device into a ... Read More

How the Best Practices Analyzer helps VARs deploy Hyper-V R2

By Greg Shields 22 Dec 2010

Deploying Hyper-V R2 for your customers isn't as simple as it may initially appear. Learn how to use the Best Practices Analyzer and the environment tests that you can run with it. Read More

Installing Windows XP Mode on your customer's Windows 7

09 Feb 2011

Use this chapter excerpt to learn the requirements, such as hardware virtualization capabilities, for a Windows XP Mode installation on your customer's Windows 7 computer. Read More

Must-have Exchange Server 2003 tools

05 Jun 2007

Learn about must-have Exchange Server 2003 tools including Authoritative Restore, DNS Resolver, Address Rewrite, Error Code Lookup, and the Exchange Inter-Org Replication tool. Read More

Properties of Windows Management Instrumentation: Managing Windows networks using scripts, Part 12

By Mitch Tulloch 08 Oct 2008

Learn how to display all properties of any Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) class in this tip on how to manage Windows networks using scripts. Read More

How Microsoft PowerShell v3 remoting has improved

By Don Jones 01 Jun 2012

Any serious admin should be learning about PowerShell -- it's the way of the future for Microsoft. Dive into one of the foundational technologies, Remoting. Read More

Few low-cost VDI options remain

By James Furbush 12 Dec 2012

Organizations looking for affordable virtual desktop tools have few choices today, but NComputing offers a viable VDI option. Read More