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Virtual Security: VMware remote authentication

18 Sep 2006

Ensure virtual security, harden VMware's remote authentication by changing VMware GSX Server's Remote Console port number as described in this excerpt from Virtualization: From the Desktop to the Enterprise. Read More

Virtualization 101

By Margaret Rouse 16 Dec 2008

Test your knowledge of the fundamentals of virtualization in the this quiz from expert Anil Desai. Read More

Oracle RAC: ON and OFF

09 May 2007

Disabling Oracle's RAC options may be necessary when testing the Oracle Database 10g. Steps are outlined in this excerpt from "Oracle Database 10g: Real Application Clusters Handbook." Read More

Buyer’s guide to smartphone management

By Benjamin Gray 29 Oct 2010

Today's IT managers support an increasingly decentralised and mobile workforce - one with multiple segments of workers, each with their own unique set of needs. Read More

Taming the LSASS.exe process for Active Directory performance and security

By Gary Olsen 14 Jan 2009

Many admins have trouble understanding how the Local Security Authority Subsystem works. This article breaks down the purpose of LSASS and explains why it can sometimes result in network performance problems. Read More

Building VPNs around Windows 2003

By Ed Tittel 12 Apr 2005

Windows OSs have always made good VPN clients, but Windows Server 2003 can also help you to build out those virtual private networks. Read More

What's the real value of SQL Server certification?

01 Aug 2010

Not all certs are created equal, but changes to Microsoft’s certification track over the past few years have left some database professionals curious about what to pursue. Read More

Troubleshooting WLAN connectivity on the network

15 May 2006

This tip looks at potentially troublesome areas an admin will want to consider when troubleshooting WLAN connectivity on the network: the access point (AP), the LAN, the authentication server and routing aspects. Read More

Server management sessions at TechEd: Three are 'must-see'

06 Jun 2006

Server management expert Laura Hunter points to three must-attend TechEd sessions that will discuss Windows troubleshooting, Filemon, Regmon, Active Directory, Active Directory Application Mode (ADAM), domain ... Read More

Virtual appliances: The new frontier for application delivery

By Eric Siebert 27 Aug 2009

Virtual appliances are becoming the application delivery method of choice due to cost and time savings. Read about the benefits to both end-users and software companies. Read More