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Few low-cost VDI options remain

By James Furbush 12 Dec 2012

Organizations looking for affordable virtual desktop tools have few choices today, but NComputing offers a viable VDI option. Read More

Understanding remote scripting -- Managing Windows networks using scripts, part 9

By Mitch Tulloch 28 May 2008

It's all well and good to jump in and try things -- such as managing Windows networks using scripts -- but sometimes we hit a wall when we do this. Learning the fundamentals can often help us avoid the wall. In ... Read More

TCP/IP troubleshooting: A structured approach -- Introduction

By Mitch Tulloch 28 Feb 2007

This tip from WindowsNetworking.com describes a structured approach for troubleshooting connectivity problems with TCP/IP networks. This is the first of a series of articles on TCP/IP troubleshooting Read More

Hyperscale data center means different hardware needs, roles for IT

By David Strom 09 Jul 2013

The complexity of new workloads and increasing demand from consumers means different server, network and IT needs in today's hyperscale data center. Read More

Windows PC Hardware Whack-a-Mole

By Ed Tittel 18 Sep 2009

As I'm slowly but surely upgrading all of my PC's to Windows 7 — I'll keep a few dual-boot notebooks with Vista, and netbooks with XP, just for testing and checking on older OSes — I'm encountering ... Read More

2010's top 10 server virtualization tips

27 Dec 2010

Reminisce about the year's best server virtualization tips in our Top 10 list. The most popular tips of 2010 covered VMware licensing, Hyper-V advice for VMware experts and more. Read More

Learning Guide: Migrating to Windows Server 2003

10 May 2006

Considering Windows Server 2003? You're not alone. But how to approach such a complex migration? How can you be sure you're getting the most use out of your investment and avoid the pitfalls, all while keeping your... Read More

Verify the CEF Forwarding Information Base table

10 Jul 2007

Learn how to take a stepwise approach to troubleshooting the Cisco Express Forwarding FIB table, a critical part of any methodology for resolving Cisco IP connectivity issues. Read More

Comparing the top virtualization systems management products

By Brien Posey 20 Aug 2015

Virtualization expert Brien Posey takes an in-depth look at the leading virtualization management products on the market. Read More