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Save and restore drivers to and from Windows PCs

By Serdar Yegulalp 16 Oct 2006

Getting a system to run optimally often requires a good number of third-party or non-Microsoft drivers, some of which need to be added 'by hand.' The problem gets worse when you can't find the driver CD, or when ... Read More

Toolkit helps admins predict behavior of Internet Explorer 7

By Serdar Yegulalp 18 Jan 2007

Microsoft is offering a free download that can help systems administrators plan for the way IE7 might be used in their organzations. Read More

Tool suites for identifying the problem -- from 'Network troubleshooting and diagnostics'

12 Sep 2007

A baker can't bake a cake without a good cake pan, and a mechanic won't get very far in fixing your car without a solid wrench set. Though the tools for network administrators are different and more difficult to ... Read More

How to prevent computer memory problems

By Bernie Klinder 11 Apr 2005

This tip reviews steps Windows administrators can take to prevent computer memory problems. Read More

Troubleshooting WLAN connectivity on the network

18 May 2006

This tip looks at potentially troublesome areas you should consider when troubleshooting WLAN connectivity on the network. Read More

tnsping timing out when trying to connect

By Maria Anderson 27 Feb 2007

I installed Oracle 10g server on a Dell desktop. I have no trouble seeing the database instance on the server. But when I try to connect with the laptop, tnsping times out. Read More

Troubleshooting the mystery error -- Managing Windows networks using scripts, part 7

By Mitch Tulloch 16 Jan 2008

Learn how to troubleshoot a mysterious "remote procedure call failed" error received when the ChangeIPAddress.vbs script developed earlier was used to change the IP address on a remote computer. This tip is part of... Read More

Burn ISO images to CD or DVD with Microsoft tools

By Serdar Yegulalp 06 Dec 2006

Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista can make use of command-line tools for burning ISO images to CD or DVD. These tools, called CDBURN and DVDBURN, are from Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 Resource ... Read More

Using Device Manager

09 Aug 2005

Use Device Manager to view or print the configuration and drivers loaded for any device on your system as well as to disable, uninstall, or change the configuration for a device. Read More

Chapter of the Week - April 2005

31 Mar 2005

This month we present you with chapter downloads to assist you in your responsibilities as a LAN administrator. Read More