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Putting the hypervisor market into perspective

By Stephen J. Bigelow 17 Jul 2012

The hypervisor market constantly grows and changes, but don’t let that overwhelm you. Knowledge is power when it comes to virtualization decisions. Read More

Testing top Microsoft support tools for Windows 2008 compatibility

By Gary Olsen 30 Mar 2011

For years Microsoft has worked to expand its slate of troubleshooting tools for admins. But with no Support Tools to download for the latest OS, do the same utilities still apply? Read More

IP address management -- from 'Network troubleshooting and diagnostics'

12 Sep 2007

Learn how IP address management and maintenance tools can help manage the scope of IP addresses on your network. With typical Class C subnets consuming upwards of 254 addresses per subnet and most companies ... Read More

A data center relocates on New Year's Eve

By Mark Fontecchio 27 Feb 2009

By planning its data center relocation project and separating its networking and server moves, a commercial printing company relocated its facility with minimal downtime. Read More

SQL Server command-line utilities: sqlcmd

By Linda Tucci 09 Dec 2010

SQL Server command-line utilities give database administrators a new way to access the database engine and its components. Learn about each utility and its command syntax, starting with the sqlcmd utility. Read More

Installing the VMware Management Interface

18 Sep 2006

This VMware tool, the VMware Management Interface, helps you and your clients manage guest virtual machines on a local host. Learn more in this excerpt from the book Virtualization: From the Desktop to the ... Read More

Using the NETSETUP.log to debug domain join problems in Active Directory

By Gary Olsen 17 Oct 2006

One of the most overlooked features of MPS Reports is the NETSETUP.log. Expet Gary Olsen breaks down the tool and explains its value when troubleshooting Active Directory. Read More

Three Windows Vista certification exams get a rewrite

06 Mar 2007

Microsoft will add topics such as application support that were left out of the original exams. Read More

Utility recovers wireless network keys in Windows installation

By Serdar Yegulalp 03 Jan 2007

Nir Sofer's new tool, WirelessKeyView, can recover all the wireless network keys in a given Windows installation. This can serve as a troubleshooting measure for admins who want to determine if the wireless key set... Read More

Network management and troubleshooting

17 Mar 2005

Networks administrators guide to management and troubleshooting. Read More