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Win10 Safemode Trap Defeated

By Ed Tittel 25 Jan 2019

If you only use an MS account to log in to Windows 10, you might get caught in a trap. Here, I show the Win10 Safemode trap defeated and disarmed. Read More

Build a Hyper-V home lab in Windows Server 2019

By Tim Warner 24 May 2019

Production servers aren't the place to experiment with Microsoft's Hyper-V technology. This guide helps you build a lab tailored for a nested virtualization environment. Read More

MS Activation Server Issues Temporarily Negate Win10 Licenses

By Ed Tittel 09 Nov 2018

When MS Activation Server issues temporarily negate Win10 licenses, consternation reigns for a few hours. A couple of simple fixes will set affected PCs straight, though. No biggie! Read More

Windows 10 Workaround Versus Fix

By Ed Tittel 08 May 2019

When I can't complete an RDP login on a Skip ahead Insider Preview PC I find myself pondering this dilemma: Windows 10 Workaround versus fix. For me, a workaround will do. Read More

CU KB4480116 Hiccup Offers Easy Fix

By Ed Tittel 15 Jan 2019

CU KB4480116 Hiccup Offers Easy Fix: if you apply the update and lose the Start Menu and/or UWP apps, a quick restart/reboot may set things right. Read More

An overview of VMware's UEM market involvement

By Paul Korzeniowski 12 Aug 2019

Despite a slow start, the UEM market is on the rise. VMware offers Workspace ONE and forges deals with Sprint, Dell and Honeywell in the hopes of increasing UEM adoption. Read More

Does an Azure cloud migration make sense for your workloads?

By Jonathan Hassell 27 Jun 2019

While you can't move all of your Windows Server workloads into the Azure cloud and turn off your local server closet, you can get much closer than ever. Read More

How can IT fix Windows Update issues?

By Ed Tittel 16 Aug 2018

Microsoft offers some built-in troubleshooting methods to resolve Windows Update problems. There are also some third-party options IT should be aware of. Read More

Ivanti User Workspace Manager 2019.1 reduces storage demands

By Sabrina Polin 06 Jun 2019

By introducing new features to Ivanti Environment Manager and Ivanti File Director, the company hopes to reduce on-premises storage demands and support migration from legacy workspaces. Read More

Explore pros and cons of virtual application streaming

By Stuart Burns 14 Jun 2019

There are multiple ways to deliver virtual applications, and app streaming is one of them. Find out what app streaming means in a virtual desktop infrastructure. Read More